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blood in mucus after vaping

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by candidguy, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. So I vape my weed with extreme q 4 and then filter the vapor with water and I took a lot of hits and I started spitting the mucus from my throat, there was blood in it, what could be wrong? Couldn't be cancer right? I mean the vapor is pretty concentrated, so I guess it irritates and dry out my airway passage so it bleed? nothing serious right?
  2. I'll tell you to actually check it to make sure it's blood and you're not just high... My guess is it's just tar, not blood, and you're paranoid

    If it is blood, you should see a doctor immediately, but it is not from vaping.
  3. Probably not blood.
  4. If you are coughing up large amounts of blood please seek medical care promptly.
  5. it's definitely streaks of blood, but it gradually disappear after I stopped vaping, I've vape 2 times, and it happened right after vaping, and if I go all day without vaping, I ill not spit blood but after taking too many hits from vaping, I'll have blood
  6. The cannabinoids act as an expectorant, so if you already have blood in your lungs then you will cough it out. Go see a doctor as it could be a serious health issue.
  7. thats badass.

    but yeah, go get halp, thats no bueno.
  8. I've coughed up blood before, most probably just a burst blood vessel in your throat, depends how fresh the blood is
  9. OP listen to this ^guy
  10. I answered this on FC. Seek medical help, already.
  11. Not good bro
  12. As though it wasn't already obvious, better safe than sorry.
  13. If you saw the topic on FC, hes all like "why should I go to the doctor? It only happens when I vape blah blah blah...." Not sure why hes stalling.

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