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Discussion in 'General' started by bongbong420, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. When you give blood, do they check, and then what. I'm going through the NYbloodbank. Also how long does pot stay in blood?
  2. not to sure bro, but is catchin a buzz worth giving blood im assuming platelets?? ive been fiendin before but never that bad cant u make a buck somehow rather then doin that cause im pretty sure u cant do it if u have been blazing recently they might check sure u could find more info if u search google
  3. I think its like 3 days to a week and unless they are looking for somthing they wont find it... your best bet though is to not do it for like half a week then give blood
  4. i dont think you have to worry.... i gave blood a few months ago, and all they checked for was things like the HIV and shit.....

    imo i would want someones blood that had a little THC in it to kill the pain;)
  5. Haha true enough eh
  6. No need to worry. I've given blood about 3-4 times and never had any problems.
  7. Yeah, they dont check for thc. They might ask you if you do any recreational drugs but they wont test you.
  8. Yeah, I gave blood 2 weeks ago and all they asked was about IV drugs.
  9. first off, you don't get money for donating blood. and second its fine if you have been blazing (if they couldn't accept blood with thc then i'm sure they would stop having blood drives at highschools, because half the kids blaze at my school)
  10. You get money by donating plasma
  11. my blood was declined because I once put a needle in my arm. oh well, I understand, kind of. it's been 20 years with no signs of communicable (stoned, hope that's a word) disease but they still don't want my blood. oh well, no worries.

  12. he's just talking about giving blood, not plasmids or platelets or anything
  13. Yeah my school has blood drives all the time. I've given blood and not had any problems. I'm not too proud about lieing on those personal forms though. They ask u if u have done drugs like marijuana and cocaine ect. I had to say no, obviously, otherwise u can't donate. If u do hard drugs and lie u can get in some shit for that.

    I heard that they don't throw out blood that has THC in it b/c it does not damage the blood in anyway, however if you've done some white they will throw that out. Apparently cocaine and other drugs can have a very dramatic effect on blood. I do know they do tests for hard drugs but marijuana is not a problem.

    So the simple answer is, as long as you've done no hard drugs your in the clear. Even if for some unknown reason your blood is tested positive its not like there gonna call the cops, they'll just dispose of your donation.
  14. When you give blood, they test for almost every drug, if any strain of anything is found, they junk it. They dont want your contaminated blood, i know this because i helped run a blood drive at my college for a week. Haha, i was buzzed while taking peoples blood, was a good laugh.
  15. i gave blood for the red cross at my schools blood drive. i smoked that morning and everything was fine, so i think you'll be ok.
  16. If you have taken a line of coke EVER (just even once) you cannot give blood. Something to do with eroding the inside of the nose making the body open to infections which would be underlying. If you gave blood to someone who needed it and that underlying infection got into thier body it could kill them.

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