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  1. A brunette and a blonde are on an elevator when this handsome thirty-something year old man gets on. Both the women were very attracted to this man but he had the worst dandruff either of them had ever seen. He would keep scratching his head and it would just get worse and worse. When the man finally stepped out of the elevator the brunette turns to the blonde and says, "Someone should give that guy some Head & Shoulders!" The blonde looks puzzled and asks, "How do you give shoulders?"
  2. haha thats a good one
  3. haha, that's funny.... here's another.

    A brunette, a blonde, and a redhead are stranded on an island 20 miles from the shore. The brunette thinks, that's not far, and swims 15 miles, gets tired, and drowns. The redhead thinks the same thing, swims 17 miles, gets tired, and drowns. The blonde thinks she can do it, swims 19 miles, gets tired, and swims the whole way back.
  5. man!, iam stoned!
  6. those were both good. i love me some godod blond jokess.

  7. Why was the blonde so happy about finishing the puzzle in 3 months?

    B/c the box said 3-5 years.
  8. Tonight I went to the Funny Bone Comedy Club and this one comedian was talking about the mid-east crisis and he said, "Look who we have in power...a bush, a dick, and a colin." Then he said, "I don't think any good decisions have ever come from that area of my body."

    Then he started talking about why the president wants to go to war with Irag...because his daddy told him to pick a fight.

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