Blond joke

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  1. Couldnt see anything

    EDIT I hate these things
  2. Its not the direct link, but just click the blond joke link.
  3. Im not going to click the link.......:p
  4. haha i hate myspace/livejournal/facebook and all that other gay shit, those kids piss me off more than anything
  5. first of all the first two are nothing like the 3rd.

    If you actually attend college, facebook is pretty sick because parties and club events and shows get posted. Pretty easy way to stay informed about whats going on around. High school facebook however is just like myspace becasue its not the same as far as who can use it.
  6. it's like community of srtings annd balllbutbthtthe main poiuretoisethe leett i am writing are teriopi an go beyond the aveerageaas if old age has taken over

    OPLLPPPLEASetr to put throws first few words to play

    The has to be the most fuck ed i have been in a while

  7. What the fuck did you just say? heh, no hablo...
  8. thhat y i ned my translator now

  9. nobody can find the blonde joke

    the bitch must have ran awasy
  10. Yeah, facebook is nice for finding parties, but that's about it. Haha.
  11. that is the joke....lmao

    it never comes up...

    btw that rat has a boner lol
  12. god stop saying that that is his tail

    he is laying on his back!!!!
  13. lol i know but it looks like he has a boner lol
  14. whatever happened to the BLONDE JOKE?!!?!?!?!?!
  15. Um, so what's the joke?
  16. Lol, I think the that is the joke itself, to see how long you would click the "Blonde Joke" links...I don't think there is a joke lol :D
  17. i got a good blonde joke

    what does a blonde and a turtle have in common

    you get them on there back and there totally fucked
  18. I got some

    Theres a Blonde, Brunette, and redhead, they all died
    god says if you want to make it to heaven im gonna have to test you
    there like ok and he explains wat the test is
    there are 3000 steps to heaven, im going to say a joke every 1000 steps, if you laugh, you go to hell, there like ok
    then when they make it to 1000th step he appears, he says a dirty joke, the redhead laughs and goes to hell
    at the 2000th step, he appears again and say another dirty joke, the brunette laughs and goes to hell
    then at the 3000th step, god says "this is the final test, if you laugh you go to hell"
    she says ok, he says a dirty joke and she doesnt laugh, now god says to her she is welcome in heaven, after she just finished walking through the gate, she bursts into laughter, god asks why are you laughing and she says
    "I finnally got the first joke"

    Q: Theres a Smart Blonde a dumb blonde and santa clause, they all jump off the bridge, who hits the ground first?
    A: The dumb blonde because the other 2 dont exist

    Theres a Blonde, she goes to walmart and says, i would like to buy this tv, the guy at the counter say sorry, i cant sell this to you, your blonde
    so she comes back an hour later with a brown wig and asks to buy the tv, and he says sorry i cant sell this to you your blonde
    then she dyes her hair red and goes back to the store and says, i would like to buy this tv, and hes like im not selling this tv to you your blonde, and she like " how do you know i am blonde" he answers to her "because thats not a tv, its a microwave"

    enjoy guys/girls!
  19. Hmm....

    Ok. LoL

    Two blondes walk into a bar.

    You'd think one of them would have seen it and ducked.

    *Buh dum, CHA*

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