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  1. Can anybody inform me on how to use these "custom pages" blog feature? What is it/what is the purpose? Is it like a custom HTML template for your blog? Can you replace your default blog page with a custom page? I'd really like to utilize the feature, but I'm just confused.

  2. If nobody knows how to use it- why not get rid of it?

    I'd still like to take advantage of it if anyone out there can help.
  3. It's like a page where you can put your favorites or something like that. vBulletin doesn't offer a lot of info about their blogs since they kind of flopped a bit when they introduced it to the game. I went and did a few tests for it. That's all it is. It just adds pages to your blog. See my tests.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. I was wondering if there was some extra function to it, but I guess not.
  5. Hey, that's what I'm here for. I haven't spent a lot of time in the Blog area so I needed to get in there anyway. :)

    Do you have customize blog style on your menu? You can change the look of it from there.
  6. No, I don't think so. :( (Unless I'm just really stoned..)

    Probably your special permissions, is it administrator only?
  7. That's weird that you can see the Custom Page thing but not that. Let me go check the settings.
  8. It wasn't set for it. I think that if you can customize your profile then you should be able to customize your blog. Will you check and see if your additional options are there, please? :)
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    It's working on my side.

    Thanks, have one of my soggy blue rep points for being good at what you do. :p

    EDIT: Also-

    Does this work?..
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    Glad it works! Thanks for asking about it. :D

    You can also copy your profile customizations to it at the very bottom if you want.

    ***LOL! Now I need to blog more because my main page is all red! :p
  11. Blog it up! I'll be reading.

    Once again- thanks for the help.

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