Blocked from seeing Pineapple Express

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  1. Did anyone else have the same experience I had? What did you do afterwards?

    My friends and I had planned the Pineapple Express Day meticulously. Everything went according to plan in the beginning, we drove around for a bit, ate some Rubios, and blazed right before going into the theatre. We had purchased tickets, but my friend had to buy mine because I had no ID (i dont have a drivers license) but im 18. This theatre never checks ID other than at the ticket booth, so I figured we were alright. We finished hitting the bubbler and were pretty well baked, so we head to the theatre. We go into the line for the film and a guy comes up asking everyone in line for their photo ID. I dont have mine, and he says I cannot go in. He even pulled guys who were in their late 20's or 30's out of line. It was complete bullshit.

    My buddies had their ID's, so i told them id take one for the team and wait in the car. I was still baked and the waiting in the car wasnt so bad after all. A while passed and I walked to Taco Bell to get the Bell Box Meal. Which has fucking changed by the way. It now consists of:
    1 double decker taco 1 steak fiesta melt 1 order of cinnamon twists 1 drink. The first one was better, i was straight disappointed with the steak fiesta melt. As i ate in the car i decided to take a hit, so i scrounged for a lighter. I found one under the seat, and lit the bowl. For some reason, the flame flew straight up and singed my moustache hair, which i now have to shave. I was pissed but finally got a hit and everything chilled out, hair grows back.

    My friends came out, told me about hte flick, and we headed off to blaze more. After that, we hit up the KFC and yelled shit at the ordering box, but the order-taker was cool about it and laughed with us when we pulled up.

    Thats pretty much it, im still a bit baked and relaxing at home, just felt like it was a story to contribute. The moral is that herb makes even the worst of times the best of times.
  2. Wow that sucks bad. I would not be very happy waiting for my friends in the car.
  3. I would of just waited in the lobby tell they left the door entrance then walked into the movie late.
  4. the guy they had checking ID was serious business, there was literally a group of 10-14 people he pulled out of line, there was lots anger and red eyes lol
  5. thats some bullshit. wouldn't suffer near as much hell trying to see a movie about assassins or bank robbing.
  6. My ID was checked when I bought the ticket.

    My ID was checked by the ticket taker.

    Five minutes before the movie started the lights came on and an employee came around and checked everyone's ticket stub and ID. About a quarter of the people in the movie left the theater. I was fucking pissed, they had stricter rules than when I go to a club. The movie ended up being good so I forgot about it all until this topic came up.
  7. Don't you only have to be 17 to see R rated movies?

    Or is that only in Texas?
  8. Yeah but you still need to show em your ID. I only get carded purchasing tickets. To think they'd pull you out of line when you had your ticket is bullshit.

    A few days ago I seen Step Brothers and just waltzed right in, free of charge. Fuck $9.50 a movie
  9. wow..thats just going to wait too see it online in good quality
  10. how can they pull that shit, i mean, i see 10 years olds in rated R batman, cause they are with sum1 18 like an older brother....
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    You messed up man.

    If you make a HUGE scene, the manager will come out and just tell you to go in for fear of losing customers.

    Don't be afraid to do it either.

    One of my buddies did it to get into Jackass 2 a long while ago when it was first released.

    Oh, and I went to an AMC Loews. They never checked my ID once.

    Although, two of my buddies tried to sneak in to the movies by going to the bathroom first, but there was a guy asking for ticket stubs. So, I had to bring tickets out to them that I bought anyway because I knew their plan was pretty stupid and they were just really baked and it wouldn't work so they would need tickets.

    There were fucking cops patrolling the parking lot afterward. It was pretty fucking lame if you ask me. Although I could understand why AMC wouldn't want a bunch of pot smoking kids loitering all over their property.

    Yeah, people did smoke in the theater too, and the attendants never came in like they usually do. Some guy behind me was firing up a bubbler. He was making an attempt at being discreet, but he managed to start hitting it right at a fairly silent part in the movie so all you hear is :bongin: LoL
  12. u should of just bought a ticket to another movie and went into the Pineapple Express theater
  13. Why no driver's license by the age of 18? How do you do anything that requires ID?
  14. Not many things require ID man...

    Especially if you tend to hang out with a lot of other 18 year olds that DO have their IDs.

    Then things like buying blunts don't pose an issue --- ever.
  15. At least you got to see it in the end. It was such bullshit though theyve never done that before. I didnt mention that there were cops parked in the corners of the parking lots, scanning for people hotboxing.

    And like it was said, i generally dont do things that require ID cause my friends usually help me out.

    Does anyone know how to get one of those state ID's in California?
  16. It's that way every where, at least I assume it is.

    The rules at our theaters here are you can buy one R-rated movie ticket with your ID if you are 17. But you cannot buy multiple R-rated or NC-17 rated movies unless you are 18 or older and present proper ID.
  17. you didnt miss anything. I promise. thats 2 hours of wasted time that im thinking about starting a class action suit to recover my cost, wasted time, pain and most of all SUFFERING!

    this one should have gone straight to dvd its so bad. :D
  18. Go to the DMV with your birth certificate.

  19. exactly.

    its so rare to have people waiting to collect your stubs at the entrance of a theater, I have never noticed that, I just buy 1 ticket and keep hopping movies all night.
  20. if you aren't going to carry an ID or Drivers License with you, then grow some facial hair.

    Or just start carrying one like the rest of the world.

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