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blnkboiz public 6 week farewell to manron_420s

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BlnkBoi182, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. hahaha...your a silly mofo namron...remember the first time i got stoned and like figured out i was like 45 miniuites older than everyone else, because of the way weed slows down time? i thought i deserved the nobel prize....and then we were blown away for like and hour (oops, it was REALLY 15 miniuites!!) (what!? no way!! 15 mins? it seemed like an hour!!) ( i know dude!! only 15 miniuites!!) (woah!! like guess what...since we ahve been amazed by the 15 mins being an hour....only 30 second shave passed!!!!)(!!!!!! it seems like 30 mins!!) (i know!!).....*sigh* yes, those were the days...and now the the tin can is gone from our lungs we are fine yet again...uhm...oops, lost my train of thought...WHERE ARE MY PANTS!?! 62!! SCISSORS!!!! ok..i'm good..>OO! and when we were amazed that coffe pots dont have pumps, they revolve around the simple principle of air pressure...LIKE BONGS!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!uhm...what am i doin...uhmm..yeah...heh..ok err...*sigh*...damn, 6 weeks is gonna be tough, when i come down for the 4th of july we can get tore up!! whee!!! ok..thats all i got...

    PS- i figured you would read this cuz you LIVE on this website, and i hope you are stoned, you you will fall out fo your chair when you read this

    PSS- remember the time you reduced the weed to a fine powder with your repitive motion thing, cuz you were stoned when you broke it down?? i would hope so, it was the day before yesterday!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! GOT YA!!...ok, that wasnt that funny...uhm...ok, gotta post the powder weed do i do that..ok, little boxy thingie, ok, clicky the button...oops..i'm typing what i am thinking...haha, i'm such a dumbass...uhm..yeah, hey is there even a PSS? i mean, i just made it there like some completely different initial for it like BLEEBLEE457968YREHCAZ182MAHGNINNUC?? no, thats too long....i'm driving down highway 492, in my big old pick up truuuuuck...WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING!? I GOTTA GET UP AT 6am TOMMORROW MORNINg....I AHVENT PACKEED YET!!....OMG!!

    BLEEBLEE457968YREHCAZ182MAHGNINNUC- may jethro, the god of getting stoned smile upon you if you ahve read this far down...may the buds forever come your way, and may the THC residue forever collect on your pillowcase and bed posts...

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  2. yes, yes my fellow stoner, 6 weeks is a long time...but alas, you are a smart one and have been chosen, so you must go...but sweet jesus purple monkey in grandmas skirt wearin roller blades did i fall out of my chiar wasnt because it was was because of your decleration that i would be laughing...which made me yeah, it was bad...LMMFAO..GREAT PICTURE...and YES I AM STONED HOW WOULD YOU HAVE EVER GUESSED!! love the complete absence of aluminum from a high...either it was the aluminum..or the really fucking OLD ASS WEED....i think it was the aluminum was lookin mighty raggedy and very much inhaled by us when we pulled it out...hey, does anybody know how to tell when you were high the night before, if you dont remember?...................if your face, stomach, back, and chest hurt from laughing till you cant breathe so you go into spasms not breathing, and sucking in your tounge, still not breathing until you take the biggest hit of wafting smoke in the room of your entire life because you have been clinched in an inward laugh for the past five then you get even more stoned off of "room"....yall know what im talking go to your friends house and he is tokin up..and you walk in and the smoke hits you in the face, and you take the first hit of "room" and it almost knocks you out.....well...thats how it is...and OH GOD, IM RAMBLING AGAIN...sweet jesus..i have written a fucking lot......ummm....take this as a "i will miss you dear feind"..and yeah, when you come down...i will blow your head off with shotguns from the bong :D:D....OH GOD WAS THE FAIRIES OF THC THING FUNNY OR WHAT?? HAHAHAHAH....anyway, yeah, what he said!

    did i say something about my grandmas purple monkey skirt?
  3. !!!!!!!!!!.....I JUST NOTICED A MONTH LATER

    in the subject line..he calls me manron thats wrong!...incorrect..HAHAHA.STONED..AM I..HAHAHA
  4. lol....lucky for us you found the mistake in the nick of time...a minute longer and we'd have all blown up...

    BTw..WTF is this thread?....damn...people start talking in their own languages while stoned.
  5. shut up with your medium minion machinese of masturbation!

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