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  1. Title says it all, huge blizzard coming in through the mid west. Luckily I just picked up an eighth [​IMG]
    Time to rip bong and not having to worry about going to work! [​IMG]
  2. First Time Shoveling Snow.


    Its Crazy.
  3. Tonight is only the start of it.
    I'm pretty excited.
  4. Still waiting for these flurries to turn cataclysmic just northwest of downtown Chicago.

  5. Wow, thats crazy
    its in the 70s down here.
  6. I remember last year the big hype about the Blizzard of the century.

    Then literary not even an inch fell.
  7. I've heard people say that this is going to be bigger than the storm of 1967. dunno details on that but WHO KNOWS! itll happen when it happens.
  8. NICE!!
    weed inside + snow outside = awesome

    5-10 cms for tuesday
    20-30 cms for wednesday

    here in toronto . cant wait
  9. Yeah it will be awesome fuck driving though.
  10. Man, I wish I had a good pair of snow shoes.

  11. I'm excited as hell, if it goes how they think it might ill have 30 inches of snow by wednesday. Going to try out a snow bong :smoke:
  12. we just got dumped on here in MN ... 10 inches. hate it, cabin fever
  13. Of course the one time I can't find someone with bud we're supposed to be getting a butt load of snow. My guy said he was picking up tonight though so hopefully I can get something before it gets too nasty tomorrow. Theres nothing like walking around in a snow storm with a nice, fat spliff.
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    i'm excited as fuck. it's been like over 10 years since a storm of this magnitude came rolling through here. I was watching the weather channel earlier and when the 10-day forecast came up, the one that says 'sunny, mostly cloudy, etc.., they had wednesday listed literally as just "blizzard" and i lol'd

    in fact you can see it here:
  15. haha I saw that too, I lol'd as well. :D
  16. Down here in Houston we will be lucky to get a few inches of snow feel sorry for u guys up north haha :laughing:

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