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    so me and my boy (not my son; i dont have kids) were doin the usual the other day by kickin back and indulging in sum herb of the sour diesel variety. we get to talkin about random shit (of course) and then he asks me a question that tweaks me the fk out, "yo bro when you in a car, do u ever blink in between light poles or like even blink when there's a big gap in between parked cars?" i was stifled and then gathered myself to reply, "hell ya wtf i do that shit all the time, thats a fkin trip dawg"

    our curiosity led us to ask more of our friends and our associates, or acquaintances rather, if they also did take part in this weirdness. 3 of the 9 ppl we asked said they did it too.

    so i dunno, do any of you do this?
    blinking in between the streetlight poles as you're passing them by while sitting passenger in a car driving down the street?
    or blinking in the middle of big gaps (the size of a car or bigger) in between parked cars while also sitting passenger in a moving vehicle?
  2. I prentend im a horse running along the powerlines. :confused_2:
  3. haha yes i do that all the time
  4. Ok this may or may not blow your mind.

    Humans use something called smooth pursuit to make the muscles in the eye work in unison and track a target. This happens because your eye doesn't have an 'fps' instead you have a constant stream of vision... this makes objects in motion seem blurry unless you track it. What's happening is you're closing your eyes to be able to both see a brief yet detailed image of it still being processed by the visual cortex because your sensory input is gone.
  5. mind blown:confused:
    so why do i blink my eyes then?

  6. My mind is blown, so I may be wrong, but you blink so you can see wtf youre looking at while youre moving.

  7. cooooooorect

    Used to do this all the time as a kid...
  8. i do that shit mad..fuck i thought i was the only one and i never asked anyone else because i thought it was wierd...
  9. Dude. All the time. Thought I was just a little crazy, glad to know I'm not the only one!
  10. I do not blink because I'm too busy pretending that I am holding a giant chainsaw and cutting down all the light poles. :hide:
  11. LOL...ohh ok thats what i thought
  12. nice replies yall. glad to see you weirdos fessing up like I !!!
    and some funny posts in here too...keep em comin!
  13. Chicity? The guy who keeps his fridge stocked with hella dranks?
  14. Don't you blink to moisturize your eyes?

    And I do what the OP does too! I'll sometimes substitute tapping my finger, and I'll do it with patterns in the road too.

  15. Dolla menu millionare, bitches
    [ame=]YouTube - My Chevy Caprice on 24s and I, Ballin at MCDONALDS!![/ame]

    That was filmed at the exact mcdonalds I go to almost weekly, stoned out of my mind. Not in Chicago, a suburb of it actually.. but I realized that when I was watching his vids awhile ago, trippy as fuck realizing that he went to the mcdonalds I ALWAYS go to.
  16. LOL...naw thats MrChiCityMane.
    im ChiCityToker. shout out to MrChiCity tho
  17. The weird things people do. It's even funnier when you think you're the only one who does it.
  18. I do it as
  19. Holy shit I do the same thing only on the freeway

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