blink 182 is back any1 psyched??

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    I am so firkin happy they are playing again. They are epic. any one going to the concerts? im going to see them , weezer and who ever else they play with. who's excited i know i am :D
  2. You scream underage.

    And tweezers? haha. You mean Weezer.
  3. lol tweezers, joking right?
  4. I used to be big in to them my freshmen year of high school. I'll check out their new stuff.
  5. I know, holy fuckin crap. AHH not so keen on the rest but Blink is pretty rad. Hope they come to New Zealand lol.:D
  6. wow i cant even spell right frikin alcohol talking lol ill fix it :) and im 18 deff not underage im officaly legal lol
  7. Once upon a time I liked them, luckily I'm past that now. :p

    Not to drink alcohol. ;):p
  8. I just got 2 tickets to their show in August with weezer:) It's gonna be sweet
  9. yeah, i think i'm meeting some ppl from college for the boston show. should be pretty fun. I bit more upbeat that the dead and ratdog shows i usually go to.

    ps the girl i;m goin with wants to try some bud for the first time after the show with us.
  10. Dude, I'm really stoked. This kid from school, has tickets and VIP passes to meet them. I'm so damn jealous

  11. Thats soo sick!!!!!!
    I'd say i'm pretty jealous as well
  12. hell ya thats pretty sick. I used to listen to their stuff back in the day, so it"ll be cool to see what happens
  13. I'm seeing them play in hershey ONLY because the tix we got are $20, theres gonna be mad chicks there, and i just want an excuse to drink on a wed lol
  14. haha, thats great. Yeah it should be fun.
  15. blink 182 is back any1 psyched??
    OH Boy!!!!
    What about the new Britney album????
    Blink 182 is for Jr. High students. :cool:

  16. Thanks asshole, For a lot of ppl growing under like 25, we grew up with them till they split a couple of years ago. they are a fun band to see, and are an all around good time.

    They are nothing like Britney, have u even listened to the most recent album, Blink 182. Its nothing like the old stuff.
  17. well. maybe I came off strong.
    Blink 182 only semi-sucks.
    the few side projects that tom has had over the years have been good (for the most part)
    But to me (and I have always thought this way about the band) the music is very simple and the pre-puberty voice of tom delonge is very irritating. I like a few songs by the band but really... do you gotta call me an asshole?
    Come on man. Peace.
    My appologies for being rude. I am brutal sometimes in sharing my oppinions.
  18. nah, im pissed.
    i thought i heard the last of those douches
  19. Yeah its alright. Again thank u ballparkmanatee, this thread is for ppl who are psyched. not ppl who are pissed, but thank you. And yeah i sort of know what u mean with the voice, thats why Mark Hoppus is so much cooler.
  20. other bands suck, weezer rules though.

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