Blind Or Deaf ?

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  1. Which would you rather be.

    Blind or deaf

    If your deaf no music or anything, if your blind music but you cant see the world.

  2. Definitely deaf.
  3. Deaf, that way i could still write things down and read them and make sure nothing is wrong etc.
  4. yeah being deaf would suck but at least you can keep living your normal life
  5. Deaf. I've got enough noise in my head to last a lifetime.
  6. I'd say blind because you develop super human hearing and you'd be a lot less judgemental.
  7. Sight's for pussies.
  8. I'd rather be deaf for sure. No music would suck but I'd still be able to drive and look at sunsets and tell who I'm fucking and all that. :smoke:
  9. Probably deaf but imagine if you somehow became deaf and you had a song stuck in your head for the rest of your life......
  10. Whoa. I can't even comprehend sensoral confrontations of this magnitude... Crazy idea being blind and deaf... Definitely terrible.

    Sober I'd rather be deaf but if I was high then I'd pick blind. Makes sense.
  11. I can't believe youre British...

  12. Yeah :p
  13. Deaf any day
  14. Damn this is a hard choice if I'm deaf then I won't be able to listen to beautiful music but at least when a female tries to nag at me I'll be "sorry bitch I can't hear you" hahaha. Blind I won't be able to see beautiful women and their assets but I'll have alternate senses in the other areas.
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    [quote name='"Skunky Monkey"']Which would you rather be.

    Blind or deaf

    If your deaf no music or anything, if your blind music but you cant see the world. [/quote]

    You can too listen to music when your deaf, except you feel the base and rythm over actually hearing the beat and lyrics.

    It's a hard choose but ultimately I'd rather be blind. I think the heightened ability of the other senses would be interesting. If your deaf you can't hear someone coming from behind you or screaming for help..

  16. And if your blind and you hear someone coming behind you or screaming for help you cant do shit about it :p
  17. Deaf, but it would suck because I rely heavily on sound as a survival trait
  18. I picked deaf with absolutely no hesitation.

    Considering I hate listening to 99% of the people I come into contact with anyways being deaf wouldnt phase me that much. I also knew a couple completely deaf kids and they were always complete bros. Being blind is leagues worse then not being able to hear.
  19. Blind people can scream for further help lol. A chain of "HELP!" if you will.

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