Blind and Gay

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  1. is it possible to be born blind and gay?

  2. Lol, probably
  3. The answer is the same to can you be born blind and straight...which is yes (in case you didn't know...)
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  4. well it's expected that someone is born straight.  we reproduce and it's in our system.  we have the organs for it.  but being born gay changes the purpose of those organs. reproductive to just pleasure.
    and sight is a big part of pleasure.  so what makes this blind man want to be with another man?
  5. At first I thought what a stupid question. But now I'm just really curious if there are gay blind people.

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  6. Nature v Nurture blah blah blah.
    I would say yes, confidently.
  7. i could imagine someone being gay with other disabilities.  being deaf, you won't hear the dude's voice.  but being born blind, you have so much less information.  seeing how someone looks is a big part of sexuality.
  8. I'm sure it's possible.
  9. Attraction can be experienced though sound, personal connection, and especially touch. I'm 100% sure there are gay blind people

    Blind men can still be attracted to women, of course you can be blind and gay 
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    Yes there are blind gay men.  Gay has nothing to do with sensory perception.  I know a couple who live in town and one of them is blind.  He is a beautiful soul.  I've known them for about 5 years.  "Love! Valour! Compassion!" is one of my favorite movies.  It's about a group of gay men and one of them is blind.  One of the main characters is Jason Alexander who played George Costanza on Seinfeld.  Great movie.  I highly recommend it. 
  12. Where the fuck is all the blind gay blades at to answer??

    Wraaaap the night around me, blanket of black on my back, I feel safe in the darkness...
  13. Was he born blind or did he become blind? And sight plays a big part on sexuality, no?
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    I don't doubt that you can experience attraction by other senses. But isn't it sight that really allows someone to be gay?
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    Really? No it's feeling, If I was blind Id still be attracted to women, attraction isn't based solely off of sight
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  16. So if you were blind you'd fuck a dude? Because you wouldn't know he was male because you couldn't see him?
  17. Becoming blind now, you would know how a man and woman look like. Vision plays a big role in sexuality. And it's man's instinct to fuck so why choose to be gay? How does he get turned on when he doesn't know how a guy looks like?
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    Sexuality is a feeling, not just sight, do you get that?

    It's not black and white, red or blue, it's a feeling. People born blind,deaf, mute etc have still been gay.

    Also nobody chooses to be gay, but some do choose to be ignorant and closeminded
  19. I'm not sure.. I think sexuality and attraction are very similar but doesn't mean the same thing.
  20. I get that you're born gay but isn't there something that triggers you to be gay? I was just thinking that, if anything, vision would be that trigger.

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