Blik's 12/12 micro mircale-gro grow.

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  1. Hey guys i just put together a small grow box in my closet as a experiment and thought i'd share my progress and maybe get a few tips. the box is only 19 inches i have a 92mm intake fan and exhaust. I germ'd and planted the seed 5 days ago May 22 i guess, lights turn on at midnight and turn off at noon.

    The grow was supposed to be stealth but my parents found it quick when i left my window open on a cold ass day and caused the heat in the house to turn on when no one was home. But now that they know they just don't want the house to get set on fire.

    1x 42w Daylight
    2x 26w Soft White

    seed = Ceres Skunk(reg) i didnt want to start with one of my fem seeds in case of epic fail.

    Pictures! here's a link to the album i'll try and update daily. bliks grow album
  2. 1 week in.

    i plan on creating some type of new box for this since having to use a ice pack near the fan to keep it cool kinda seems ridiculous.

  3. 10 days in. looking good?
  4. Okay so i think i think i've got a baby girl can anybody confirm?


    12 days in:
  5. Day 15 not 100% its female. any herlp?

  6. Day 22

    WHat the fuck is happening to the bottom leaves!


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