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  1. Well I don't understand alot about Christianity because to me it's mostly bullshit to me but... If someone is 'blessed', does that make the starving children or mourning families 'unblessed'? If god loves everyone, why aren't we all equal?

    -an agnostic
  2. I often wonder the same thing...

    All I can say, is God does nothing directly, He only lets the chips fall where they may...

    I asked a friend, (straight up christian-rightist) what of those who know nothing of God, who have never read the bible, and he couldn't respond, the only thing I can assume, is that we are all blessed who count on a higher powers mercy, and to those who care less about mercy, unblessed.
  3. I'll try answer as an ex-catholic though it's going to come out as bullshit to you and to me.A view I used to hold.

    The misfortunes of others is part of God's plan, a test and an opportunity to spread God's word and to give them blessings.

    but we all can see how cruel and sadistic if this was the case.
  4. I don't think most religions say some are blessed while others are not?

  5. Petty human beings define blessings in physical parameters- nice clothes, a house, money, a successful career etc. There are people around the world who live in absolute poverty who are completely happy. On the other end, there are billionaires who are miserable. Describing a person's state of "blessedness" by their disposition in life is foolish.

    Also, we all suffer pain and affliction in this life as a result of the fall of man as described in Genesis. Bad things are going to happen. World War II. 9/11. Sandy Hook Elementary School. It's actually going to get worse.
  6. I could argue that those social pains you mention are ultimately part of the physical parameter you speak of , since it's a physiological process that gives us these social capabilities :). Ever came across a consious individual without a physical body? probably not :p

    What you're really describing and criticizing is a particular philosophy of hedonism.
  7. I believe we are all blessed, as we all have life. God gave us life, and he blessed us with this world. Don't you think we are already capable of producing enough to end world hunger. We just don't look out for each other in the way that we should/could.

    I know it is idealistic, but if the whole world put forth the effort problems like hunger wouldn't even exist. All wars could end right now if all the people involved just stopped(fat chance i know).

    The way i see it is that we have been given this world and we are all blessed because the possibility of us making a world wide utopia is there, whether we make it happen or not is up to us but we have been given the opportunity to make it happen.

    On being born in a country that is wartorn/corrupt/starving. That is a human problem and you have been unlucky to be born there, it doesn't mean you aren't blessed, its that you got screwed over by the actions(or nonaction) of past humans.
  8. We all are blessed with the breath of life. God made everything and breathed life into each and every one of us, that's a blessing in and of itself, the fact there's so much suffering in this world is because of Lucifer/Satan.
  9. Going off this, the USA alone in 2012 spent something like 1375b on military budget, world poverty estimated cost = ~175b.

  10. Everyone on earth experiences God's grace. This is clearly taught in Scripture. So, even if you're not a Christian you can take that home and enjoy it.
  11. Too stoned to comprehend. Are you directing this in my way as an argument or?


  12. No, just making a general statement.
  13. In any case I agree. You a part of the body of Christ or just a spiritual reader?

  14. I'm the spleen of the body of Christ.

  15. image-2176236527.png


  16. I'm a Christian so yes, I'm a part of the body of Christ.

  17. Yup, you're definitely not poking fun at the mentally disabled.

  18. The internet... always making me laugh at the worse jokes.:eek:

    Mentally challenged people can have good lives if they aren't discriminated against.
  19. Awesome. Nice to see another on here.


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