Blender/Bubble Bag Hash?

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  1. I picked up some knockoff bubble bags today (Payload Bags) and now I am plotting out how I am going to use them. The how-to's say to agitate the source material with an electric mixer or paint stirring attachment for a drill for half an hour. I really want to give this method of hash-making method a fair shake but seriously? That's a long time to stand over a bucket with a mixer. My hash making experience to this point is several runs of OSG's stickied method that requires very little effort and time spent besides making sure the extraction and filtration is quick and precise and the alcohol is completely evaporated. I have had mostly positive results from my qwiso runs but I wanted to give other methods a try that might give me more "purer" results.

    Now another way I have read about doing a cold water extraction is to dump the plant material and a bunch of ice cubes in a blender and blast the mix to a pulp. Could I use the blender method to knock off the trichomes and then dump my resulting MJ slushy into the bags to filter it all out? I've never tried the blender method because I figured I would end up with blades full of sticky trichomes that go to waste. But that doesn't sound so bad now by comparison if pushing a button on my blender will produce similar results to hovering over a bucket with a mixer for half an hour.

    Some might call me lazy. I prefer to look it at it as seeking to get the maximum quality yield relative to effort and time spent. In fact, I will work very hard to find the most efficient methods if it will pay off in the long run. Anyways ... any advice would be appreciated. I have zero experience with this way of making hash so please excuse if I am asking silly questions.
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    I have found the laziest way to make bubble hash is as follows, pour 1/4 water to one 1/3 bucket of bucket w/water (I use 5 gallon bucket) get bags nice, tight fitting in the coldest water you can stand. Then add enough ice to bring bucket up 1/2 way, lay all your clippings on that bed of ice, next take clippings and spread evenly over ice. Then take more ice, place two-three inches of ice on top of clippings (already sitting on water in bucket) let sit 10-15 minutes, DO NOT let ice melt enough to expose clippings on top!!! After the 10-15 min wait, pour water over top ice gently until 5 gallon bucket to w/in 2-4 inches from top, stir gently w/soup spoon for minimum 20 minutes, again fairly gently, but enough so as after 12-15 minutes water starts becoming frothy, continue for about 10 minutes (after water frothing, sudsy like) at that time walk away for minimum of thirty minutes, come back, drain and watch the look on your face when you SEE the YIELD!!! And be SMART, NEVER dump that NUCLEAR water, want to see your plants explode, just water w/that, wish I had enough to water w/daily! Have also done paint mixer w/drill for hours, half hour, everyway possible, (Only beat the shit out of bags) have also done same method(s) w/hand mixer and you can do them all too, but the way I told you is way to go, just watch results of all the different ways, if you want YIELD, just soup spooon it.....
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  3. Our local medical center has a dedicated washing machine they use for making hash. Really streamlines the process. But that is only useful if you're making a lot of hash.
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  4. Wow imagine filling up that washer ...
  5. Bubble hash doesn't come close to sift as far as taste or smell... which is the main reason I love weed. My advice is dump your product in the 160 or 220 micron bag with a good handful of dry ice, and shake shake shake. If u go with the bubble hash anyways, for your first run do a three minute stir with a wooden spoon, second run five mins, third ten mins, then a final 20 min run which is only good for edibles or to cover a joint
  6. Dry sift > rosin > bubble hash. I usually do a dry ice sift, then clean it all up on the freshheadies four set screens. Bho is best for flavor and potency but fuck butane

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