bleach with drug test?

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  1. i've heard u can use bleach to screw up the results of a drug test.

    how much bleach will i need?
    if i put on my finger how long can it be there before it doesnt work?
    is it a safe-ish way to pass a dt?

    please give as much info on this as possible please.

  2. please help me out here guys
  3. i don't know from personal experience. but what'll likely happen, if you can get enough bleach in the piss, is that it'll mess the analysis up to the point where they just say, "give us another sample". in other words, it won't look like normal piss so they'll know you did something to it and request another DT. which you could work to your advantage if that buys you enough time to detox by the time they ask you for another round of piss.

    then again, i've never tried it.
  4. i already took one for the place im going back to before and my piss was diluted as fuck and it looked like water but they didnt say nething so im guessing if it looks like whats in the bowl then they will buy it. i was also told it doesnt take that much bleach. my biggest concern though is when do i have to put bleach on my finger beforehand for it to still have effect?
  5. I guy at my work got injured and we have mandatory drug tests whenever someone gets injured in the shop and has to go to the emergency room. He used bleech and was fired the next day. Don't do it, it will not work and you will look like an idiot. Anybody that pisses bleach should be fucking dead and I'm pretty sure most doctors are aware of that.
  6. Putting bleach directly into piss makes it smell too much. I'm not sure about the bleach on the finger. I need help with this too, does anyone have any experience with bleach on the finger?
  7. Why would you put it on your finger? Put it into a small-ish vial or something and pour an EXTREMELY minute amount in, if you even want to bother trying this method. The idea is to make the test result in a false negative, but there are much better ways to pass drug tests (synthetic urine, for example).
  8. Hahaha... Bleach doesnt work. Your better off just diluting your urine with a lot of water before you go in.

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