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Bleach, Eyedrops, and what else?...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 bruhh, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. I have to take a home drug test in a few hours. I have a bleach soaked paper towel, eyedrops, and i drank a gallon of water and im pissin pretty clear. I'm 6'2" and about 160, and I don't know what else I can do. I have a CVS down the street I could run by and get anything, any tips? I haven't smoked much these past few weeks except for the past five days, where I burned an eighth.
  2. Are you planning on killing yourself with the bleach??? I think you're pretty screwed maybe grip a drug test from the cvs to see if you will pass it's like a 20 spot.
  3. Bleach + Paper Towels = ?

  4. If you pee through bleach then it can give you a false negative. At least thats what I heard, same with eyedrops.
  5. Lol you haven't smoked that much but you burned through an eighth in 5 days. What is the bleach and eye drops suppose to do? Either way, I doubt you'll pass, all you've done is drink water, you'll be lucky if you pass, no offense.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  6. Ahh, thought it was something like that. Good luck man! :)
  7. just drop some of the bleach in your piss if you are not being watched idk if it will work
  8. Drink yellow Gatorade or else it will be obvious you've been flushing your system.
  9. Your Parents are testing you? How'd they find out
  10. Buy the same drug test, do it until you are positive - use this instead of the one mom gives you? Just trying to think outside the box :p
  11. Lol that makes so sense to switch out the good one if he can just go take the test and pass? Plus this all can't be done in a couple hours haha.
  12. lovin the bassnectar avvy and the deadmau5 sig. OP: Youre most likely fucked. why did you smoke an eighth 5 days before your test? if youre really desperate do what i do to pass. put a cup of water in the room you will be pissing in. ad some yellow food coloring until it looks like piss. then take a vitamin b12 tab(makes your piss so yellow its almost brown), this will let you dilute your piss with the colored water without it getting clear enough to tip off the people that youre diluting. works for cheap test
  13. My mom found a lighter in my room so now im getting tested, otherwise I wouldn't have smoked. I think I might be able to wait until tomorrow though, thank god. So i'm gonna go get niacin, and a couple things of cranberry juice. This along with bleach, eyedrops, vinegar, and a bunch of other random ass "homemade" shit people on google swear by.
  14. find someone clean to piss in a container for you.. just make sure u dont hand the test back to ur mom cold.

  15. if you really are 18, just tell your mom it's ridiculous of her to test you at that age. when my parents (they had previously caught me) tried to test me, i simply said "I'm not going to piss in a cup just so you can trust me again." ... it shut them up. i think it's a little ridiculous of a parent to spy on what their of age children put inside their bodies...

    tell her that you tried smoking cigarettes, threw up, threw the pack away and forgot to do something with the lighter, and from then on, keep your shit cleaned up. :smoke:

  16. yeah. i agree with this... if you aren't grossed out by this, have a clean friend piss into a condom for you, tie it off, and then tape it to your leg in your underwear. it'll keep it warm.
  17. I'm 18 but my mom said that if I keep smoking I'm going to have to pay my own way for college, I've been caught a few times and if I fail again then it's strike two and I actually have to quit.

    Okay what i did was, I took 4 asprin, ASPRIN not Advil or Tylenol, a few hours before the test. i was pissin' clear the night before, not the day of the test. And when I took the test i put like 7 or 8 eye drops in my piss, sloshed it around a little bit, and when i heard those words "okay, you're negative" it was a feeling I could never explain.

    I smoked 3 j's to the dome sunday too, so that was only 3 days. and im 5'8'' 150lbs

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