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Bleach container help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by treestoned, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. ok, so today my dad knocked on the door during a bong rip, said he swore he smelt "marijuana" xD he's smoked. Anyway he gave me a soberity test and i failed..and he smelt it on my breath. So now im getting tested (hes buying one) and said fuck it today and just smoked like 3 bowls of some loud hahaha umm sorry lemme wrap this up im going to bleach my piss and im putting it in the bathroom but i have 3 he could there something i can conceal enough bleach to mix into my piss
  2. Shuv the bong in his mouth and tell him to calm it!
  3. Are you asking us if putting bleach into your piss will help you pass a drug test?

    Son, the fuck are you smoking!
  4. Well, since you're obviously not going to pass the test with bleach, just tell him you smoke? Since you are over 18 and all, there is not much he can do if you do smoke?
  5. well he used to smoke hahaha i would love to smoke up my fucking dad:smoke:
  6. well my friend smoked the day of his test mixed bleach in his piss and passed with flying colors xD

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