Bleach bubbler cleaning nightmare

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  1. My friend, when I was at work decided to attempt to clean my grav lab gold series first edition turbine bubbler with soft scrub bleach, there is now two persistent bleach stains on turbine disk in the dead center of the piece, I have tried iso with salt, 420 cleaner and grunge off and simple green all with no success, I then contacted a glass blower who told me to put it in my oven at 140 degrees to get it piping hot and then to hit it with iso and salt in order to clean it, after repeating this step a couple times it eventually took the stain off however this was a complete and total nightmare and anyone thinking about using bleach or bleach related products to clean yours or someone else's piece, please heed my warning and think twice because it is so hard to get off especially if the stain finds itself in an unreachable part of your piece thank you

    Best Commanderclitor
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. OK I will Bite How does one Clean Beach Blubber?
    Shout out FREE HOTDOGS in the parking Lot LOL
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  4. Using bleach to clean your pieces? Disgusting. Btw your piece is probably perm stained.
  5. Clearly you can't read, I wouldn't expect a high rate of intelligence on this website. However if you read the last 25% of what I said, I clearly state that heating the glass up in the oven then hitting it with the iso and salt did the trick. I guess I shouldn't expect everyone on the Internet to be able to read. That is setting your expectations way to high.
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  6. Probably didn't graduate high school and it's dumb people like you that give the government the justification to make Marijuana illegal.
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  7. Also to further elaborate on how fucking stupid you are, the only things that can truly "perma" (the dumb persons way of saying permanent) stain glass are things containing proteins I.E. blood. Do yourself a favor and stop smoking all together because clearly it doesn't do you any favors. Also since I'm under the impression your a goddamm retard, I.E. Stands for, for example I hope you don't hurt your brain when you look at these posts.
  8. Wow, you must be a really smart person. You came here for help, and 75% of your posts are being an asshole to someone who posted something you didn't like. You are so fucked up.
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    Jesus christ I'm about to unsubscribe. I made this thread to inform not to ask for fucking help. That's two people now that clearly can't read or just don't have a strong command of the English language. Please someone with a brain help me believe that I'm not the only person that smokes pot and still has a brain. I'm starting to think people are just messing with me they can't be that stupid. God I hate dumb people.
  10. fuck you
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  11. Do you maybe get the feeling that nobody wants your help when you insult everyone who posts in your thread? Because once you start the fisticuffs, its all 100% trolling after that, chief.
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    LIAR! you did it!
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  15. Please tell me your trolling me. I'm losing all faith in the Internet please read that first sentence a little more carefully.
  16. I understand that but come in this is first grade English here. Fine you know what fuck it everyone use bleach to clean your piece it's a great idea I doubt anyone would actually read that part anyway.
  17. In your attempt to give criticism on English comprehension you created a situation where any valuable information that you may have had becomes entirely meaningless. You also didn't get that the guy whose throat you felt like you needed to jump down was trying to tell you that the bleach stain may have disappeared from doing what the guy told you to do, but that it was likely going to keep coming back as you used the bong. But you totally missed that because you had to point out very unkindly that you believe he is wrong because he used an abbreviation. Apparently you don't realize that while you can temporarily hide it, bleach stains glass permanently and it will come back again and again with use. Any housewife with a glass shower door knows this. But you're too busy acting like an asshole to someone who was trying to help you to realize this.

    So the guy you came at with all barrels firing? He read what you wrote. He understood what you wrote. It was YOU who can't comprehend what other people are writing.
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    • Disrespect is not tolerated here. I suggest you read the rules of the forums.
    Wow, you sounded like a stoner there. Slapping together abunch of intelligent sounding words together in an unintelligent way in an attempt to make me look stupid. Your clearly fucking stupid or plain ignorant. Maybe you should vote for Bernie too, you need the free education.
  18. lol okay, chief. Great come back. hahahahhahahah
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