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  1. smoking with 2 people i hardly know (dealer an some chick he brought) any ways i hada go inside to get a gatorade an to fill up my bong an made sure i brought my bud with me so non would be stollen i go back have to come in to feel up the bong agian with new water becuase my dealers dumbass sucked the bowl into the water (dumbass) anyways so i forgot my weed this time an guess what i get back an a few grams r missing....needless to say i am a dumbass for A leavin this chick that i hardly know in a place where she could steal shit and B because i forgot my weed an they stole some:mad:

    and i walk in right as they where talking shit on me!!!
    exact words (dealer "this kids a dumbass" chick "i know right")

    what u guys think of this situation
  2. hahaha what the fuck, confront him be like youre a dick. then make him dip, and dont buy off him
  3. He sounds like A total prick.Fuck Him and get a Good dealer dude.
  4. lol planning on it as soon as i can find one =] an yea he is lol but whatever i need to smoke weed so i still buy off him just dont smoke my stuff with him anymore
  5. I've been in the exact same scenario before but mine played out differently. I confronted him and when he told me he didnt take my weed, the rage in my head and body just started to build and build, to the point where I was seeing red. How the fuck does 6 grams magically vanish, I told him. Then I basically just lost it and sucker punched him in the side of his face a couple of times, and checked his pockets and of course, there was my weed. I usually dont resort to violence but so many bad things happened that day, which is why I was picking up weed in the first place. Homie picked the wrong day to fuck me over.
  6. dude you should have called him out right then, just been like "youre a cunt" and left
  7. lmao thats kinda funny, and whats good with your obsession with death? i bet that would spoook him the fuck out, be like "im the grim reapers best friend and only friend" hell be like ".....thefuck?????"
  8. woooah man i know some people in Casper and what's up with that one? not a whole lot of you seemed like passive folk, but you know what i would've done? not be passive
  9. nah my favorite line to act crazy i got from the new AVP movie is " im FUCKIN READY TO DIE R U READY TO DIE!?!?!?" he will shit his pants
  10. What do you guys think of THIS situation?!


    ...I really do not like him.

    OP, be careful with your weed. And don't let people steal from you. Stand up for yourself. And find a supplier who's not a douchebag.
  11. he just lost a customer. so now he's the dumb ass.
  12. I'd just say to him...(not that I'd ever smoke with a dealer...I'm more discreet than that)
    The sad thing is, that in your situation you don't even remotely NEED to rip me off, but you ought to be ashamed of your petty bullshit, and ought to look at yourself before throwing names around.
    I'd probably consider an anonymous call on someone like this too, I don't care. Iwould never usually do something like that but some people have it fucking coming.
  13. assuming you just let them leave? soooo no sympathy from me man.. sorry

  14. You should never snitch on anyone over petty shit like stealing weed.
  15. unless he has the dankest shit around fuck him
    u might as well get a dealer who is nice to you and doesn t think you're a dumbass kid

  16. no offense dude. but why the fuck didn't you stand up for yourself??? I mean if you heard someone talking shit about you, that's the time to sack up and let them know what's good!
  17. lol now that woulda been funny =] an yea i am tottaly ready to die if need be

    np man i just let it pass by i was stoned as shit so i said fuck it an smoked more

    becuase i am a fucking 112 pound weakling an somthing as stupid as that fuck it i will let it fly once (happens agian tho its gonna be a fucking wrench the the side of there head)
  18. Buy a taser ;)
  19. I think your a fucking pussy for not doing anything right there.
  20. lol call me what u will i am not willing to get my ass kicked over 2 or 3 grams of weed and a stupid name like dumbass so yes yes i guess i am a pussy whatever i am not a violent person unless pushed to far an then i can think of some perty fucked up shit an do some perty fucked up shit

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