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Blazing while sick

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Firekidt11, Feb 10, 2011.

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    So I got a really bad cold monday night from stepping into a puddle when walking in the gym (and it's freezing outside) so bad combo. I lifted and ran today with the cold being pretty bad and feeling fatigued. Now I'm even more fatigued. I have a very small fever and im coughing a lil and my nose is stuffed a lil. Would smoking bud (some dank indica strain I got) cuz any irritation to my throat and make it worse or something? I use to blaze all the time when i was sick to feel better but now that I'm very serious with bodybuilding I keep my smoking down and just wondering if it's gonna make me sick longer and miss some gym days.

    Tl;DR: Would smoking weed out of a 1 hitter make me sicker?
  2. i always smoke when i'm sick. smoking always clears up my nose and if my throat hurts i just drink some hot tea too. as far as if it keeps you from getting better, i would say it helps. makes you eat (energy to fight illness), makes you thirsty (drymouth has me drinking tons of water), and makes you tired (being extra chill/sleeping will allow your body to better fight the sickness). you're good
  3. Smoking usually worsens your illness by lowering your immune system. Especially throat related. Even outta my bongs or double chambered bla bla blas I would still wake up with a shitty ass throat.
  4. Where is your proof of this? Sounds bs.
  5. This. Being high makes being sick waaay less miserable.
  6. edibles are chill, i tend to stay away from smoking until i feel better if im really feeling shitty, especially if my throat hurts. but too each is his own
  7. I had some horrific strep throat. Smoked weed for a week straight no other meds, and i was good to go. As long as you have a semi-healthy diet i do believe it helps. Storm crow has a list with lots of good info.

    And This chart is a pretty good help too.

    And I wouldnt worry about weed messing with your immune system, theres things in your day to day food that is worse than that. (more than likely). Pop some vitamins and drink some juice.

    Cheers and feel better man.

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