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Blazing In My Room

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mets1989, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Alright,

    I have a one hitter. If I smoke out of my window with it ( keep in mind, I have no fan or sploof, and there is a gentle breeze coming into my room ) will it smell?
  2. mak sure you blow all the smoke out the window and clear the bowl every hit so it wont cherry. Maybe afterwards spray some fubreeze or somethuing and you should be good. i do it all the time, but i have a fan
  3. What he said, and also try to make sure nobody is going to come into your room for a little while after you blaze so the smell has time to dissipate.
  4. All I did was open a window blow it out the window and spray some febreeze with every hit. Always worked for me.
  5. No sprays (suspicious), and make sure you know which way the draft of your window is. I'm not sure about all windows, but the window I had, the air would enter from the bottom and leave at the top. I made the mistake of blowing the smoke near the bottom, and all the smoke came back in.

    Make sure you pack the smallest of bowls, so no smoke rises from the bowl after smokage.
  6. I smoke in my room all the time. Just open the window and have a fan blowing out. Blow all the smoke in the fan. After spray some febreeze.
  7. If the breeze is blowing back into the room of course it will smell. However, you can make a sploof incredibly easily using a toilet paper cardboard tube, toilet paper, and air freshener.

    To be honest, though, a much cuttier place to smoke if you're worried about getting caught because of smell or whatever is the shower. The smell and everything gets blown out because of the fan, the water covers up the sound of the lighter, and you can be pretty damn sure nobody's going to walk in on you.
  8. Make a sploof. It'll be the best thing you've ever done.

    Open a window, put a towel over the crack at the bottom of your door. Hopefully this will stop air from outside from rushing into your room and out through the crack, which would carry the smell outside. Sploof every hit out the window and don't let a cherry burn, suck til it's out.

    If you do this correctly you won't even have to spray anything, just let your room air out for a bit with the towel down and the window open and you'll be fine.
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    Trust me on this one...
    Get a piece of cardboard pipe or roll a poster into a cylinder. Angle it away from your window and exhale through this. My own one is quite complicated with a few bends in it and stuff but even a straight one will do just fine. If you thing about it, this has to work better than a sploof or anything because it doesn't hide smoke, it gets rid of it... :smoking: Try it and tell me how you go.
  10. I would say it will most likely.

    I'd invest a little time into a spoof or hold off till I can get an air purifier, air freshener, or a fan.

    There's plenty of time to smoke and even more time to enjoy it when you're not worried you could be caught at any moment.

  11. nice man...i never thought of that...i would try it but i live in a dorm room..kinda difficult to smoke in here with RA's on both sides of me
  12. The only way to not get caught smoking in your room is to not smoke in your room period. Go outside if you can, or if you have a car go hotbox. I do both all the time Go in the car and put on some tunes.
  13. Yes it will i used to blow smoke out of my window and did not think it smelled untill my mom came to my room ans told me to stop smoking in the house. but this will work i have smoked and my mom came in my room right after the session and she dident say a thing. get a old blanket or pillow you or no one uses fold it up, take a hit berry your face in the blanket and blow it out no smoke no smell. the downfall is their will be a little black mark the shape of your lips where you blew. the thicker the pillow or blanket the better
  14. Weeds a very pungent smell so yes, chances are itll smell just blowing it out the window..common sense rules.:smoke:
  15. hahah i use a fan and face it to the open winow and blow it into the back of the fan... no scent and no need to cover up smelll tht can be very suspicous also remebr to turn the fan around ahahah if u dont ur screwed
  16. Man i smoke in my room all the time!!! I smoked last night and i will smoke tonight. Just open up a window and blow all the smoke out the window. Leave the window open for some time so that all the smoke can leave your room through the window. Leave all your doors closed so that the smell doesnt seep out into other rooms. Lastly, right after smoking get some spray, just about anything that produces a smell will do, and spray it everywhere. It might also be beneficial to you to get some matches and light those.
  17. Back when i was mad young and paranoid about the smell I would lean like half my body out the window when i smoked and i would stuff a pillow on each side of me so nothing can get back into the room. Now that i have a fan I just smoke whenever even when my parents are home cause the fan blows every bit of smoke out the window
  18. is it really worth it?
  19. Yes

    5 characters
  20. its this simple man. if youre real paranoid about the smell, you take a towel.
    fold it up as you usually would.
    then poor water in the middle. enough to make it wet but not drippy water wet.
    ok now that would be used for blowing smoke into after every hit you take.
    and after every hit, make sure you put out the bowl so only little to no smoke would escape.

    or break your parents noses so they cant smell.

    your choice

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