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  1. hey guys iv been on gc for a few mouths already but never got around to introducing my self till now any ways iv live in costa rica but was born in Louisiana so i am an american technically.
    i dont have any freinds on gc yet frankly theirs a lot of stuf that i still dont know how to do on here so a need help with this stuff plz help me !!:p
  2. Pura Vida!!

    My wife and I got married in Costa Rica, plan on retiring there when the time comes. Beautiful country, great people!
  3. thanks man im glad you guys had a good time
    one question did you get the chance to try the weed ??
    and if you did what did you think compared to the states?
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    Nope, didn't try to find any when we were there. I was engrossed with traveling all over. Spent time in San Jose and was offered weed several times, but wasn't interested at the time (plus one guy showed me the bag and looked like dirt weed).

    Be very careful if/when searching for weed down there. You cannot appear to be too desperate otherwise you can find yourself:
    - Paying way too much
    - Getting scammed and receiving non-weed
    - Getting robbed or worse because "I have great weed just around the corner, my friend! Come! Come!"

    The last one was actually a very scary experience for me, since I was in San Jose (later I was informed that it was a very bad part of San Jose we were in) with a bunch of females who were clueless about the environment they were in, and this guy was definitely taking us to get robbed and probably worse. No joke. The stupid women began following this guy blindly, meanwhile the shop owners and bus drivers were making eye contact with me and shaking their heads "NO!" They were telling me to get away from this guy.

    I love Costa Rica, and the country and its people as a whole are BEAUTIFUL, but it's also important to recognize where you are and what's going on. Caution and awareness will ensure a safe and fun trip!
  5. gone to costa rica the past two years to surf in playa grande. Also took a surfing trip to ollies point and witches rock. amazing time. ALso have a bud hookup there and surprising the weed was pretty dank

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