Blazing and writing code?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Blazin604, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Was thinking about learning C and C++  before I start my classes later in the year....a few buddies have mentioned they like to toke up before coding.....just wanted to get other peoples thoughts on this ?

  2. I, personally am better at everything when I am friendly, go for it
  3. When i used to code i loved doing it high. I could sit there 12+ hours straight coding whatever i was designing flawlessly, almost zero debugging needed.

    Sober, i would get frustrated cuz nothing worked lol. Programming can be tedious and just plain annoying, but i never thought of it like that if i smoked.

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  4. try it, it could work for you. i find im better at math when im baked, everything flows and works out smoothly. the tediousness as someone said above seems to ease up. 
  5. I write a lot of visual basic, and some modified versions of basic. I find I am a lot quicker with complex code when fried. Even years ago using fortran, and coral66 it was always easier to get baked, and fly with the code
  6. I've been teaching myself coding for a little bit now and find that I do it with more ease after smoking. I say try it and if it doesn't go so well, try it sober and then make the decision. 

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