Blazing Alone.

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. So im talking to my freind online, telling him I got some weed im gonna be smoking tonight, and he says to me "Have fun, smoking by yourself is gay anyway."

    I just dont understand it. Most of my freinds always say smoking alone is pointless, not fun, and just a waste of weed. In my opinion, its great. I can smoke, kick back, listen to some music, and just feel good. Dont get me wrong, I rather smoke with my freinds then by myself any day, but how is smoking alone pointless and a waste?

    I smoke by myself alot, mainly durring the week if my freinds cant hang out, and I enjoy it alot.

    So, to those who like to blaze alone, how do you like it? Do you think its pointless, or "gay"?
  2. I just got done finishin off a bowl and smokin a joint to very pleased with the results :p
  3. Yes, it's gay. It makes me quite happy and happy is joyful and joyful is gay! :rolleyes:

    16 word rant. Ha!

    It's not pointless. I love getting high alone. My mind works differently without distractions and it's cool that way. Getting high shouldn't be such a production. I do it everyday, unless I'm on a break, and if there was a production each time I got high, I'd probably chill out with it.

    Just get high. Fuck what others say. Be happy and enjoy the hell out of it!
  4. I've got no problem with it
  5. i like to get high by myself or with select people only. i don't like doing it at parties, but usually will. i like chilling with friends. and i like being by myself, being a little blazed only excites things.
  6. Well, like all of you, im about to spark up my bowl. :)

    Sucks that I dont have screens. Gotta use aluminum foil. :(
  7. My fav thing to do is maybe on a random tues night or whatever, blaze a phatty bowl by myself, take a hot shower, then play around and mix some hip hop, Madlib style, or just kick back with a gatorade and listen to some dope hip hop or reggae beats or any kind of music actually, and enjoy the serenity. Some of the mixes I've made, have blown my mind the day after when I'm sober. Or just taking a walk, or skating on a cruiser just breezing through the night.

    Anyways, smoking alone, Its da shit, and anyone who thinks that smoking by themselves is gay, or antisocial or crackheadish or whatever you may, just doesnt appreciate the full value of herb. Herb is fun at parties with friends, dont get me wrong, but thats just a very small part of the equation. So smoke alone and be gay and just enjoy life and nature, cause if people think that, seriously, I could give a shit less, more weed for me :D
  8. i love smoking alone. i think people sometimes associate it with getting really drunk by yourself. kinda no point. but alcohol isnt mind expanding like bud is. i blaze, then play cpu games online (i'm l337 as hell at SOF2 high...i own fools, they cant understand it and my clanmates love it). or ill listen to music, or talk to people, or watch movies. a lot of my friends are tards when theyre high, i hate dealing with that shit. i KNOW if i ever get busted its gonna be with those kids. but i cant ditch em, theyre my life long friends. like one time when my high friend sprayed a bottle of lysol in my eyes for like 3 minutes. they like to get high and be dumb, i like to get high and enjoy things, so i do it alone. dont have to worry about anyone else. so in short, be excellent to each other and party on, dudes.
  9. I enjoy smoking more when I'm alone than I do when with other people.

    I agree with the comments about marijuana being "mind-expanding," and I have trouble enjoying the full effect of the drug if I'm surrounded by people who behave like children. I suppose I should say that I enjoy smoking either alone or with only a few people who enjoy having interesting conversations or listening to music than I do with a large group of friends.

    Hope that makes sense. Stoned.

  10. wtf how do you use aluminum foil to replace a screen? i took 2 screens off my sink faucets...i regret doing it though. i just bought 15 screens and none will pass as the original screen.
  11. i like smoking alone as well, nothing there to ruin your high you can kick back and do what YOU wanna do you dont have to worry about what a group wants to do, but i do like sittin around with my friends and gettin blazed
  12. I like doing both. I'll usually go out and smoke with friends later on during the day, but if there's nothin goin on and I got the house to myself in the morning, then ya, I'll smoke one to myself.

    A blunt to yourself...that's where it's at. I love chillin in my backyard with some music goin, puffin on the blunt, it's great.
    Then when it's done, I'll do whatever I feel like doin. Lately it's been Diablo 2, that game fuckin rules.
  13. im going to assume your buddies arent like you.

    you smoke weed because you like to be high.

    they smoke weed because smoking weed "is cool."

    how can you be cool when youre home alone? they need to impress their buddies by smoking, so its useless for them to do t alone. you on the other hand, are probably already cool and dont have to worry about it.

    so smoke on brother, and hey, how can you be alone when all us are smoking with you anyways?
  14. Nicely put, adam.

    Thats how I see it.

    If you think smoking alone is pointless, then you obviously dont enjoy the herb how you should. Weed, to me, is not there to be cool, or to "impress" people. My non-smoker freinds always say to me, "Joe, you should stop smoking, your obviously doing it to be cool or something.". How can I be "acting cool" if im smoking alone in the comfort of my own home?

    If you need other people to enjoy the magic of marijuana, I dont think you should be smoking at all. Thats what I tell my freinds, and I guess that dont realy understand it.
  15. most of the time when i smoke alone i can just pick up the pen and write about anything.. with other people it's good but it's never at my house and that's where i feel more chilled.. other places it's just like meh..

    the bad part is smoking alone 'constantly'.. especially if you can only think of one thing and one thing only.. it will bug you until you take a break from weed or group yourself with friends..
  16. Probably what Adam said, or they're all jealous lol

  17. Man adam hit the nail on the head, nuff said

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