Blazin with a cup of joe

Discussion in 'General' started by elephantparade, May 13, 2011.

  1. Does anyone here drink coffee while they blaze?
    I've sometimes drank energy drinks after I smoke, but (maybe its just me) it feels like I'm not high at all after I've finished drinking it.
    I'm drinking coffee though now, and I still feel really high but also energized. Sucks because I'm off today, and have NOTHING to do.
    Of course if I plan on making physical human contact today I will brush my teeth beforehand; coffee breath is THE WORST.

    Alright I'm rambling. This is a pretty stupid post, but I'm lit & I'm bored.
  2. i just finished blazing and drinking coffee (still drinking). i do it often. few things better than coffee and a smoke (cig or herb).
  3. I just had a joint on my balcony with some coffee. Coffee helps my dry mouth way more than water for some reason.
  4. I drink water. Any other taste in my mouth will fuck with the weed taste and it'll be gross.
  5. One of my favorite combos.

  6. i like it if i have some sativa dominant

    indica sux for this
  7. Dude, that is my favorite thing to do.

    Wake up early in the morning, go out on the back porch. Light up a joint and sip on some coffee while i just enjoy nature. I live in the middle of a city, but there is a good strip of woods behind my house, and a creek that runs next to it. So I just listen to the birds, watch the trees in the wind... after i smoke i can just chill and really enjoy what would normally bore me to death.

    Lately i have been seeing deer. There are 4 little ones that come and eat grass next to my yard just about every morning, until my dogs scare them away.

    I like to drink warm stuff when i smoke. Coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, apple cider... anything man. It just seems way more delicious when you're baked.

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