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Blazin In Different Seasons

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ArtesiaBuds, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. Well i guess its kinda wierd for me. Some people like smokin in the rain, others on snow days. I love smokin out on a warm summer day just chill out all stoned maybe go to the beach with the warm sun hitting you and in the water and shit. How about everyone else???
  2. theres a great place down the road from me..i LOVE blazing there, any time of the year, sunrise, sunset, stars, or stormy, the view is great, its on top of a big ass hill with fields on all sides...its great!

    i might post a pic one day..
  3. i'm from seattle, a rainy ass city and i have very fond memories of just mobbin with my homies right after it stopped rainin' and smokin 1 or 2 blunts between us

    that and in dawodin's back yard its surrounded by bushes and a great view of the sky
  4. i like puffing any time of the year rain snow or shine, but my favorite has to be on the crisp fall days right after all the leaves have turned and are falling off, those are the days you can bask in the sun with a sweater and a nice breeze carries the scent of freshly fallen leaves. it is on days like that when the best thing to do is lay in the leaves, look at the sky and cheif.

  5. That sums up what I was going to say!!!!! I agree 100%.....there is just something about fall that appeals to me!!!!!!
  6. All days are wonderful for the resurrection of a dearly departed friend I prefer to refer to as Mary J. However, the best time, place and weather I feel is on a drearyl, drizzling day in late June under a bridge sitting along my favorite creek just playin' my harmonica and chilling with my friends. Aaah, the lost days of summer!
  7. I like smokin all seasons, I mostly like low temperature though.

    As long as Im smokin in the shade away from that fuckin gay direct sunlight, its all good :)
  8. ......................sunlight is ALWAYS FUCKIng hotter in the sun


    no!! im fucking stoned..and the a button is directly next to the cAPS LOCK BUTTON SO SOMETIMES WHEN I HIT THE LETTER aaa it changes the caps...lmao.

  10. Damn namron, whenever i read one of your posts your always stoned as hell!
  11. dude, im always stoned as hell, im gonna give you one big ass response of stodedness, and ive already forgotten which direction i was goin wit this, because i rememberse some bullshit about tobacco testing in oh fucking neat there is a bug on my screen, i think its jenkins, JENKINS THE FUCKING BETTEL IS AFTER ME!!!!!!!

    ok, im not goOH GOD.!! HE FELLhahahahahaha! rant, youd get bored with reading it, but anyway, yeah, im stoned a lot :D
  12. LoL, Hey your rebel banner (the link you have) is fuckin sweet. Has mine and stoned friends approval, very nice
  13. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i drew it myself!!

    a buddy and mine, i did the rebel flag part and the leaf, and he added the sparkle effect thingies..
    someone told me it looked proffesional or somethin

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