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Blazin before bed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crackwhaaa, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Does anybody think that blazin before bed is a waste of a high? I personally think it is just as good as enjoying your high, because you sleep so great. Im just wondering because whenever i get home from work(like right now) i always smoke a fatty out of mr bubbles and usually pass out within 30 mins. Its just hard after a long day of school, then a long day at work to not. So what is your guys opinion on smoking and sleeping? Is it a waste?? :D
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  2. i Smoke a couple hours before bed thats enough to make me fall asleep. Not like i have to toke and emediately lay down or somthing. It just regulates my system like a daily pill or somthing. Tells me to go the fuck to sleep. Can you not get to sleep unless your like stoned?
    The lingering after effects are enough to knock me out....
  3. Oh nvm i see you get knocked out right after smoking. I dont have the problem because it takes a couple hours and multiple bowls to get me ready for bed.
  4. If it's a straight sativa than that would be a bad idea. At least for me. I would be laying in bed thinking random thoughts for hours until i fall asleep.
  5. 1 bowl + 1 hours time + chill music = knocks me out. ZzZzZ
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    Being high doesn't knock me out personally, it keeps me up, thinking about stuff too much, can't sleep. Wouldn't be a waste of weed just a waste of a bed til I come down to sobriety.

    Oh but I think a proper answer to your question is.. after a long day, you deserve to smoke a bowl out of mr. bubbles, do it.
  7. hell no man! i like to blaze before bed its one of my favorite times to toke other then right when i wake up :smoke:
    and its funny that you mention the bubbler, i got my double bubbler a couple months ago and shes been there with me when i roll out of bed and right when i roll back into bed haha

    p.s. just watch out for when you get used to smoking before you sleep becuz if theres ever a time you cant ur gonna have a hard time sleeping the first few nights of ur T-break
  8. I blaze before bed and when I wake up. IMO its not a waste of bud because I always have the most awesome dreams and I sleep like a baby.
  9. Smoking a solo bowl-o right before bed is how I discovered my insomnia cure. Watching Adult Swim/ History Channel and smoking a fat one in a dark room is my favorite way in the whole world to go to bed.

    Not a waste!!! :hello:
  10. I never want to go to sleep when I'm stoned because I feel like I'll fall right asleep and waste it, so I entertain myself for a while. Have a smoke outside, TV, video games, internet browsing, cruising about town listening to music.

    I tire myself out with other stuff then go right to sleep.
  11. If you like doing it, or it helps you sleep... it can't be a waste.

  12. very well put.

    you paid for it, use it as you see fit. :smoke:
  13. yup.
    the reason i actually started smoking was because i have insomnia, so i would smoke a few bowls, watch fresh prince, and eat top ramen until i fell asleep :smoke:
  14. naw its not a waste anytime u can get high and smoke a good blunt its never a waste... Keep blazing....
  15. I usually smoke a couple of blunts b4 bed and listen to chill ass music while rapping or just groovin its all good to blaze all u want if u got the free time...
  16. I like to toke up about 3/4 hours before I go to bed and I sleep like a baby :D
  17. yeap exactly and blaze like 3 blunts and knock out...

  18. 3 blunts? yea right niga get outta here
  19. What you do is burn a bowl of weed mixed with salvia right before bed...then just lay back, close your eyes and tumble through space until you're unconscious.
  20. I like smoking before bed, calms me down and i always have great vivid dreams and feel refreshed when i wake up. :smoke:

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