Blaze'in Barack Obama

Discussion in 'General' started by Lawrz, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Is it just me,
    or does obama look like a great smoke buddy?

    He just has that pizazz,
    that special something that tells you,
    this guys not a squidward,
    this guy can hold his shit.

    I would wager a bet that Obama can fucking rip it up,
    and still kick Mccains ass.

  2. he used to smoke dope and do coke back in the days...
  3. i bet he makes a kick ass sandwich too.
  4. I bet he fucks up worse than Bush and the world collapses in on itself.

    Shit I hope not.
  5. And until very recently he was very open to drug law reform
  6. Id smoke an L with this dude

  7. the press made a huge deal about his cig habbit...
    i bet he rolls himself a nice spliff every now and then
  8. LOL

    I have a great idea for a thread...what would Barack Obama name his bong?

    The First Bong?
    Air Force Bong?
    Secretary of Baked?
  9. barack seems cool.. but he seems like that guy that comes over and shits in your toilet, leaving it clogged.. then jets out without saying anything.
  10. The Burning Bush?

    They used to call him Barry O' Bomber, that works for a bong too.
  11. i'd smoke shake out a homeless guys ass,
    if it meant i could smoke with Mr. Barry'o'Bomber
  12. yeah he shouldnt be going into presidency he should resign right now and get in with the legalization of marijuana ... i bet deep down he wants to

    seriously thats a fuckin good idea....

    oh wait , leaving biden in charge :hide:

    imo he is just as dumb as palin

    should of been bama and cain together . :)
  13. Obviously Barack Obonga! :p

    For the love of God stop talking. You've never read a political journal in your life have you?

  14. nope..sorry that bothers you
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    Doesn't bother me, just surprised you would comment on a subject that you have no tangible knowledge of.

    He graduated from Harvard, btw.

    edit - by "he" I guess you were referring to Biden, not Obama. My mistake.

  16. wrong .
  17. k. [​IMG]

  18. haha great stuff
  19. Yea cause he says anything to get elected even sell his principles. Just like any other slimy politician. Fuck id rather toke up with Bill Clinton, now he would be fun to hang with. Chubby chicks and drugs.:smoking:
  20. Hehe in a few days you will hear on Fox

    "This just in, Barack Obama has been associated with suspected muslim/terrorist marijuana traffickers, found on an illegal and immoral marijuana forum, how can we ever trust a man like this?"


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