blazed, medical, chickens, and buzzkills.

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  1. This week, I finally got my ridiculously anti-weed friend to smoke (showed him The Union). So me and (let's call him K), drove to my house, and constructed a makeshift bong. My glass bong broke a few weeks earlier, RIP. On the waywe catch our buddy C walking home from school. I ask her to toke up with us, and of course, she says yes. Cuz you know. The more the merrier!:hello: So we walk out to the desert behind my house, duck into a makeshift den that me and C had made last summer.

    Well, we start to toke up, and pretty soon, we're all high as balls. K is fuckin speaking in tongues hes so high haha. :cool: So we duck out of the bush, and C starts bitching about how Ecstacy is sooooo much better than weed. We get into a little high argument, which is diffused by K saying, and I quote, "Break it up, you two, the coach will be here to make you pay!" :rolleyes: Then we all decide to walk to BK and satisfy our munchies. On the way, K discovers a medical weed bottle, (Juicy Fruity, (S)) and we spend like 5 minutes laughing about it. Then we find a headless chicken on a dusty old road that we like to call "the alley", and K decides to take it by the legs and bring it with him. We were too high to care heh. After like 5 minutes of walking, he throws it on the ground, realizing what he was doing.. C starts bitching about weed again, so I tell her that if she keeps talking, I'll never invite her to another session. (Still not going to, because shes always an anxious buzzkill..fucked up but true) but anyway, sorry for the long story...first post btw.:smoke:
  2. Yep, I'm sure The Union has changed many peoples perceptions of weed. I smoked before I saw it but it still changed what I thought about it for the better.
  3. Nice story bro

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