blazed in 4 states in one day

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  1. whats the most states youve blazed in one day?

    last year i started off my day by blazing in syracuse, ny, continued to drive through PA, which i blazed through too, then drove thru new jersey, blazed there and eventually to connecticut where i blazed again :hello:

    anyone else done something similarly?
  2. damn, thats more stats in 1 day than in my whole life. i've just blazed here in nc
  3. ive always wanted to go on a road trip across afew states high as hell,
    visit restaurants and such, i just gotta find people down for it:D

    but thats amazing that you've gone to four states, man:hello:
  4. Only one here. But I did blaze in an aston martain db9 on a grand tour across euorpe through 5 countries :D
    Funnest week of my life.
  5. I havent blazed in 3 states but Ive been blazed in 3. On our typical 3 AM Journey to Wisconsin from Tennessee. I got stoned before we left so the ride would go by faster, and maybe sleep. I was high in TN, Ky, Illy
  6. I've toked in 4 states in 1 day as well, but I did it on two separate occasions. I started in Jersey, then Delaware, Maryland and finished in Virginia. Then on the way home I did it again but took a different route as to change up scenery making it a completely different experience.
  7. nice dude :hello:

    it truly is an experience :smoking:
  8. Michigan, ohio, indiana, illinois, missouri, iowa, nebraska, oklahoma, texas, new mexico, arizona, california, wyoming, and windsor ontario canada.

    I think thats all of them, not all in one day of course thats not possible on traveling on land.

    michigan, indiana, iowa, nebraska, and wyoming were all in one day though
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    I've driven from florida to ny and vice versa a few times blazing the whole way. The last time i did it, it was from new york to florida and me and my friend rolled up 5 blunts for the i guess we smoked in 5 different states that trip and we ended up driving straight through because we made such awesome time, 18 1/2 hours from NY to FL (edit: central florida to be specific) stoned the whole time....just goes to show you weed doesn't impede driving ability, well atleast mine or my friends :D.
  10. Two. Blazed in florida, went to the airport to board a plane to virginia then blazed with my uncle when i got there hahahaha. i was still high too
  11. I want to light a joint at the four corners
  12. I've blazed in Indiana and like extreme south Michigan like literally on the border haha
  13. Thats what I thought the OP was going to talk about when I read the title.

    I had smoked in three in one day. Road trip from metro Detroit to Philly for The Roots Picnic back in 09. Great, great weekend.
  14. + Rep to the people knowing about the 4 corners. 2 Feet = 4 States
  15. I've smoked in four states at the same time. I was at the four corners awhile back and it was kinda cool. Kind of a novelty I guess.
  16. NC, SC, CA in 1 day

    Got really high in 2 states before flying to cali

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