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  1. After debating on if i should make an account or not, I finally made one. I have been smoking since high school, but never really got into different strains. In the last year or 2, I really began experimenting and finding different strains that were good for helping me deal with my depression. Since than, I have been the most happy I've been in months, and I have developed a whole new friend base, with people who actually understand me, and know what I feel. Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday morning's :wave:
  2. Welcome, slangbang, to the wonderful world of GC, where you'll find even more people to relate to your situation, and your love for weed. We are all one with the ganja here. :smoke:
  3. Thanks man! it looks legit... im excited to learn more and more about my hobby/passion.
  4. Slangbang: when ordinary nerdy online people act gangstas wid slangs -UrbanDictionary

    Hehe, I had to look it up :) Welcome to the City, Slangbang!!!
  5. I'm wisconsin to bro. Any questions or need assistance feel free to pm me.
  6. welcome!

    i'm from the 608
  7. I rep da 262

  8. Haha... I know him in real life and we call him slang bang because of real name. It's just a nick name.

    N I'm from Wisconsin too, since he's my friend in rl Im just gonna use this thread to introduce myself. So.... Hello everyone, can't wait to start talkin to you all through the other threads. I'm mainly gonna be in the cultivation section, but I do feel as though I can't help but straying aside to discussions about weed around the world and such. See you around!

  9. ooooooooh hey!

    lol, yes as for the urban dictionary definition that is the farthest from what it means. It was one of those Freudian slip ups by another friend that created this clusterfu*k of a nickname was created... I like where your head is though, I would of done the same thing..
  10. I hate urban dictionary. I say dank a lot so my dad looked it up one time ha.
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    Nice to see another Cheesehead here, you'll find that there are a good number of us!
  12. Yah but the wisconsin toker group in inactive :smoke:
  13. I feel like Wisconsin doesn't have the weed community other states have. At least as far as online forums and shit goes. We used to have a lot more shit going down in Madison as far as festivals and marches and stuff.
  14. Very true... If only there was a more vibrant community. Wisconsin does get it's fair share of pretty good bud though.
  15. what's up Slangbang!! OrangexClouds from Milwaukee, Wi.
  16. What side of Milwaukee? I'm southwest of downtown.

  17. That's crazy! When I stayed in the dorms at Uwm, I was right by downtown. I stay on the northern part though. Its just nice to see somebody else from WI on here
  18. Gonna be heading back to Madtown next week, can't fucking wait. Been too long away from quality bud, and I plan on getting ripped out of my god damn mind :smoke: :cool:

    EDIT: the skyrise dorms with fucking bag-nazi's? My guy invited me to UWM to smoke and we showed up with about 10 grams in a backpack...took some maneuvering to get away with that shit :mad: lol
  19. Sconnie Pride! Hailing from Whitewater
  20. hah JPGR, i'm in whitewater right now.

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