blazed before interview ... Shit!

Discussion in 'General' started by iTokeat420, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Well just got done smoking 2 bowls of some mids, and for some reason it got a lot higher than usual, and didn't want to get baked.

    Interview is at 420 (no joke). Anyone done interviews high before?
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    Hahaha. No.

    The way you will get through this though, is to remember that its all in your head. The paranoia that is. When I am not paranoid, no matter how blazed I am, I still have my wits about me and can carry on a conversation with just about anyone. I talk to people for a living (isp tech support) and I am often high while doing so. So all you gotta do, is not care whether they can tell you are high or not, and they wont notice :D

    Being chill and relaxed is a good thing in an interview even if your not high .
  3. Next time you should be more of a responsible marijuana user and wait until AFTER the interview to spark.
  4. /facepalm
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    Yep, not when I knew I had an interview though. I was high and they called asking for an immediate interview, I threw in some eye drops, downed some water and off I went.

    I was offered the job and turned it down. If you are not totally blitzed and can hold your composure and have good interview skills, you shouldn't have a problem, but if you can't handle yourself ... well you fucked up that job opportunity.
    Next time, be more responsible.
  6. lol im always high for interviews, i get all uptight when im not blazed
  7. Im a habitual smoker... and under NO circumstances would I EVER get high before an interview. Gotta stay sharp
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    Let me clarify...

    This interview was set up for tomorrow. They called me after I blazed, and told me they couldn't do it tomorrow (and tomorrow was the last day of interviews), so I had to do it today.

    And I'm pretty sure I didn't do too well :(
  9. as much of a stoner i am.. cant say that i was retarded enough to smoke before an interview.. good luck dude!

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