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    Not my idea but I'm stoned, found this surfing, and thought I'd post it on here regardless. WHY DO I NOT OWN THIS?
    :mad: Shit be drippin' all over the place.
    EDIT- Holy shit this thread is ancient.

  2. I to be/own a lion
  3. I'm fine, it's everyone else who has a perception problem.
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    What if all of our lives are actually simulated in a "Truman-Show-Like" scenario and we just don't know it.  :bongin:
  5. Fuck i need to write stuff down that i think. My brain is the biggest tool in our lives. We can control all of our lives through the brain. Iit is our true home from birth to death. It is the cradle of out live. Nourish the brain to nourish everything. Sent from my SCH-S738C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. Every time I get baked and have an idea that I think is at least worth writing down, I record it into my phone. Here are a few! Hope you enjoy :)
    1. Remember when Walt from breaking bad teaches Walt Jr. how to drive? He thinks you're supposed to use both feet, left for brake and right for gas. That actually really makes sense to me. I think when i was younger I kind of thought that was how it would work. it is logical right? 
    2. Build a bong. Like build a bear but with bong parts. TELL ME THAT WOULDN'T BE DOPE.
    3. Do you ever get excited to explain weed to your kids the right way? I look forward to the day where I can sit my kid down and just educate him. So he knows that weed isn't terrible for you and that in certain moderation, can be completely harmless. 
    4. This one is fucked up but I think I want to give my mom a pot brownie and see what happens. 
    5. This might exist already but i want a weed breathalyzer. 
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    You get a weed breathalyzer, the cops are gonna get one too. We don't want that.
    I won't ever have to have the weed talk with my kids, I'm gonna smoke openly and not give a fuck. At least, that's the plan.
    Don't drug your mom.
    BUILD A BONG BUILD A BONG. Make that shit happen, copyright and such!
    And regarding two foot driving, you need two feet to drive a proper car with a clutch ;) and in racing driving at times you use both feet, called left foot breaking. Google it.
  8. Well i think rednecks are too prideful. Why will they not listen to proper criticism? If someone tells me i do something odd i will laugh or check it out. You tell a redneck theyre like "this is the correct way according to souther baptist so fuck off." No offense to baptists im a christian myselfSent from my SCH-S738C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Someones got to find a way to use tectonic plates as a way to create energy  :smoking:
  10. my nigga based mactonite...

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