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  1. A gel bag chair instead of a bean bag chair.

  2. what the fuck hhah

    what about that doesnt seem right??
    i thought it was quite spot on.:hello:
  3. I read somewhere this was just selective memory. Millions of events happen every single day, your mind just ignores them though. However, when you have recently discussed something like a movie, and then you later see it on TV amongst thousands of other movies, your mind will make a connection to what you talked about earlier and it will stand out.
  4. "Weed Shivers"

    Marijuana's way of telling you that you've hit the perfect high.
  5. That's crazy. Sometimes when I'm high I feel like I get déjàvu .
  6. A pedal you could press down to lift the toilet seat up when you take a piss. This way it will always stay closed
  7. What if we really live in a "matrix"... We are all just computer simulations and our life is pre written, set in stone... We all think we are real, this just being the simulator... Lol crazy
  8. Ok, So I've got another one. I hope this comes out the way I want, because right now I'm so goddam baked, it's not even funny...well, actually it's fucking hilarious. So here's my idea. You know how a fall to water from 'high' enough, due to the water's surface tension can be lethal? Well, i remember an article I read when I was a kid about water striders and how they use surface tension to remain buoyant, and if you were to fill the water they were on with soap suds, it would destroy the surface tension and the water strider would lose its buoyancy. So my thought is, do you guys think soap would break the surface tension enough for someone to safely dive from a height that would otherwise be lethal? .....Damn Phish is fucking awesome.
  9. What if someday we become so advanced that we no longer have to work to survive. What if all we cared about is feeling pleasure and we were able to transfer our consciousness into a digital form, where we're all just self-aware digital data in a computer system which feeds us infinite pleasure for an eternity. :smoke:

  10. I am qay to to fucked up to understand anything more than than the first sentence. But to be honest i have never felt like i have worked a day in my life. it is all a joke to me and way too easy
  11. how do we "reaalllyy" know that cells and atoms and shit werent jus made the fuck up one day, :/............
  12. [quote name='"MoonGrizzlyCj"']how do we "reaalllyy" know that cells and atoms and shit werent jus made the fuck up one day, :/............[/quote]

    Scientists can disprove you my boy. I actually saw cells under a microphone back in grade 7. Not a huge mystery. Our world is a crazy one and crazy shit happens
  13. If no one notices me or if no ones in the room, im a ghost <_< >_> <_<

  14. that was an a pretty awesome microphone u had buddy lol :D

  15. I didn't even notice that lol, good eye.
  16. [quote name='"MoonGrizzlyCj"']

    that was an a pretty awesome microphone u had buddy lol :D[/quote]

    Lmfao a good eye Indeed, you.must be able to see cells with the naked eye
  17. How the fuck do pills work?? How do we understand the shit that happens when you swallow them ??? How!!!
  18. [quote name='"GoodRadio"']Ive been starting to notice very strange coincidences. After i mention a topic or something there will be a reference of it on a television or something or i will hear the exact thought somewhere else. Earlier my brother was talking to me about taken 2. I had never heard of it before and ten minutes later the trailer came on tv. Kinda odd i guess. Well two hours later i was talking about a member of my family with my mom and almost immediately after that person called her phone. I was pretty freaked out then. Now i had just been talking to my dad about these things. Not even 10 seconds later there was a mention of telepathy capable human alien hybrids. Then i thought " what if a percent of the population can stimulate another to think of them when they have a thought of the other." That would be the creepiest thing. And all deja vu would just be a pre installed memory of a connected universal fate. I used to have dreams about washing out the front end of my dirt bike and sliding across the ground. This had been a recurring dream for around two years. And then it happened. I slid around 50 feet, tearing most of the skin off my forearms. Possibly just me being scared of handling the situation and fucking up right? Well i had another recurring dream as a child about me losing my front two teeth. I had many of these and once the dream had my brother lose his teeth. Well in 6th grade, easter break, me and my bro were playing medal of honor one night. He was getting pissed at me and threw the gamecube controller at me. Bam. Both of my teeth were cracked. After today and reviewing all of these experiences i think that some if not all humans could be alien human hybrid. Things cant just be that coincidental. Let me know what you think guys[/quote]

    Well i think dats intresting... Because my brother also threw a gaming controller directly at my mouth a year ago (only damage was scar line at top lip)
  19. Just saw finding nemo 3D and I think the veginning is a metaphor for his dads alcoholism that drove away his family but he beat the odds and worked his ass off to quit drinking (the search is the metaphor for this) and reunited with his son.

    Also I just went In to the gas station while high and got a lighter and an oh Henry. Dude knew what's up
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    The problem with a sploof is that the smoke that doesn't go through the sheets is not trapped so it stays on the outside part, an ideal solution to trap the smoke would be a bottle with an airtight seal that you can blow into. Then the bottle itself does not leak. Also have layers of fine cloth or some type of material on the other end so air can escape but smoke cannot.

    also it would be cool to have an air trash can, where all the air is sent somewhere and disposed of so any type of bad air goes into the trash can. would an air trash can be like an air purifier?

    Why are american names so small? indian people have this long 64 letter word that is unique to them and then an american says, "hi im bob"

    It's also amazing how dust...which isn't even sentient, can coalesce into a DUST BALL and then this fricking dust ball in space starts growing some bacteria on it and this bacteria realizes it's bacteria and starts talking about stuff like good and evil and right and wrong hahahahaha i think good and evil need each other to exist, even if everything was "good", the least good things in that universe would be considered evil. so even if it was a paradise where you got a pink lemonade delivered to you on the beach everyday, delivering someone a yellow lemonade would be considered evil. if something didn't exist before the earth, then how would it just start existing now? could a black hole be considered evil because it sucked up a star? No, because they aren't alive. But why isn't a giant sun alive? could all the emissions it creates somehow lead to some kind of thought pattern? Maybe we can't understand the sun. Is light good and dark is evil? Just like light and dark in space, light and dark could signify good and evil. Dark can't even exist without light, if there was no light at all there couldn't be dark. The whole universe just seems like an opposite, everything cancels everything out and at the end it all adds up to nothing. no energy created or lost, no matter created or lost, it's all just nothing that happened into a pattern.

    Is time moving slower for sloths?

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