Blaze glass black and gold reviews?

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  1. I've been looking for a bong for a long time, and I've never bought a piece over 10dollars(pipes) ...I searched the entire site and this is what caught my eye

    did a rundown on appearance, size, cost ,carb / no carb (made point system to decide which was the absolute best) and this is my choice...
    however...there are no reviews anywhere on GC that i was able to find or elsewhere on the internet. I did however find one identical that was black and the review said the color came off when cleaning it. i can get a bong just as good for a good 30or more less but i haven't seen another beaker bottom with the same setup on the percs for that price
    ... any suggestions on bongs or reviews for this bad boy? blaze glass 19perc caught my eye too but they were out of stock. if i can't get any great suggestions or reviews then this will be my second choice

    (would be my first if it had a beaker bottom)

    or this


    Also how stable are the non beaker bottoms like the 6arm above? if it's good enough it won't fall over on carpet then it'll be my choice.
  2. you dont need to put the HTML boxes in there, just post the links as text and the website will do the rest.

    also blaze is china glass, not very good quality

  3. alright thanks i wasn't sure. and really? everyone has said differently in the reviews for 150 range what should i get? i don't want some bullshit brand name roor or ehle that costs 100more for the name being on there... between black leaf weedstar and blaze blaze has had the best looking quality to me
  4. How bout a soulshine hybrid or maybe a apix stemline. Both solid and good prices.

  5. Can't seem to find these for sale in the shop someone in another thread reccommended the stemline too

  6. just google apix design mate :)
  7. Ehle is in that price range, not over priced. Roors are over priced a lot, but a ehle would be great for a first time real piece.
  8. Go with the soulshine hybrid
  9. Google soulshine family glass. They have a site and ship.

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