blaze before exam

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  1. I just came home from one exam, and then i toked for like an hour and i gotta go back . ive only been home for n hour haha time to go exam this shit...

    munched the fuck out on chips <3
  2. Last semester I blazed before an in-class essay test thing, thinking I had an easy day with nothing to do. Long story short, I did the best writing of my life and got a 99% on the test.
  3. Smoked a blunt less than an hour before my symbolic logic final last semester. horrible idea
  4. Well how'd you do?
  5. one day i had a huge test and i had to keep reminding myself not to blaze. i kept forgetting and then suddenly remebering. then eventually i didnt remember until after it was too late. but whatever. the past is the past. i took the test high and did alright
  6. i do just as good blazed if not better because i can still remember everything, but i dont get irritated or in a hurry and mess up or get frustrated
  7. If I am just winging it, I'll do worse, but if I studied beforehand I do just as good, or better.
  8. well i havent studied at all for these exams but it was design and tech so it wasnt really hard. I got there fuckin 10 mins late, went int he wrong room and pissed off a teacher and went into my room and everyone had already started and i breezed through it with a smile on my face and left early haha
    i hope i did well. coz i felt like i did
  9. Wrote an English exam last... January?
    Didn't even think about how bad of an idea that was...
    Got in, sat down... and realized I had to write like 10 pages on some fucking book I never read.
    I wrote 3 lines then drew pictures.
    Passed! (the course, barely; failed the exam)

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