blatant Incredibowl knockoff bong

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  1. saw this on another forum

    I wonder where they got the idea for that bowl piece?




    jetdemolessqual.mp4 video by Bsktbllr988 - Photobucket
    [ame=]Jet WaterPipe - YouTube[/ame]

    They say they're in no way affiliated with incredibowl, but their marketing and the terminology used is almost exactly the same.

    no glass, the bowl is aluminum as they say the anodizing used is good enough/heat resistant

    They talk about how other pieces focus stupid aesthetic details, and then add all that retarded unnecessary engraving...

    I'm sure it works great, but come on...
  2. I saw those at my lhs before incredibowls even existed.
  3. looks pretty dope, incredibong.
  4. I wouldn't consider this a "blatant incredibowl knockoff". the incrdibowl isnt water filtered. yea sure it uses a similar bowl design as well as a similar clearing design. but don't all smoking apparatus share basic technology ?
  5. ^What he said:bongin:

    That looks like it actually stacks pretty good. Better than any non-glass piece that I've seen. I still like my glass though.
  6. This piece is older than the incredibong. My friend had one 5 years ago.
  7. I've seen these before, never used one though.
  8. If you wanna see some blatant ripoffs,

    If their incredibowl rip offs had glass bowls they'd be the same thing pretty much. They must have bought liscenses for their fumo pipe rip offs or something
  9. this looks pretty sweet but for $189 id much prefer glass
  10. [quote name='"abo27495"']this looks pretty sweet but for $189 id much prefer glass[/quote]

    This. Blowing that amount of money on something that small... I'll stick with glass tubes.

  11. Small the thing is 2 feet tall !
  12. Woah woah woah.... If I'm not mistaken i saw the incredibowl guys with the Jet guys at cannabis cup denver... I even saw the incredibowl guys take a picture with a Jet pipe...
  13. [quote name='"retrocontusion"']1. we have been around longer than incredibowl
    2. bpa free polycarbonate is much better than acrylic
    3. we designed the JET using CFD's (computational fluid dynamics)
    4. the JET is made in house on our own CNC machines
    5. we claim to be the smoothest AND most durable waterpipe on the market not the smoothest. Although from an engineering and mathematical point of view there isn't much under 800$ that compares in smoothness with the JET.
    6. The stem is designed to accept any 14mm attachment i.e. glass on glass bowls, ashcatchers, OIL/CONCENTRATE RIGS! etc.
    I could sit here and type features all day but it doesnt mean shit until you try it! the JET speaks for itself. Also anyones opinion of the JET that has not tried it also means diddly shit. Seriously if any of you get the chance to try the JET i'm 100% sure you will be suprised at how smooth it rips![/quote]

    Are you the rep for JET? Just asking because I saw your booth at the Denver Cannabis Cup.
    I'll admit to having never previously seen a JET, but I really liked it (being an incredibowl owner, I like the concept as well) and even seriously considered buying one right there.

    However, two things ended up convincing/persuading me not to.
    The first was that none of the like 3 guys I talked to for almost 45 minutes ever mentioned that it had a lifetime guarantee... If that's the case... GAME CHANGER!
    Second was that even though the entire booth promised to have units in the patients room; and even though I was in the medical area all day both days, I never ONCE saw a demo unit. I heard rumors and whispers about ONE being around somewhere but good luck finding it...

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!

  14. I was also hoping to try a Jet in the medical area but never saw one... Lots of dabs tho :D
  15. incredibowl < Jet Waterpipe < Glass on Glass
  16. well the incredibowl fucking sucks if you acatually smoke im sure this isnt much better
  17. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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