Blatant disrespect

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tabbit, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Long story short, fuck this guy I've been friends with for 7 years. I'm done with him stealing anything and everything from me, I'm done with him talking about me behind my back, I'm done with him acting like I have no idea that he's doing any of these things, and I'm done with him fucking manipulating this "friendship".

    Fuck him.
    Fuck his family.
    Fuck his dog.
    I hope they all burn in a cancerous hellfire.
  2. Woah what happened?
  3. seven years is a long time. a persons personality, morals, and motivations change over that much time, generally speaking. most people dont share this idea with me, but in my experience friends arent SUPPOSED to last that long. its nearly impossible to keep a friend for seven years and have that relationship not falter here and there. i say, just roll with the punches. dont lose too much sleep over it. youll make a new friend and then another after that, and so on. hes probably not trippin, so dont waste your time if he isnt. hope your situation clears up soon, bro.
  4. It's tough shit, but I can't say I didn't see this coming. The only thing our friendship is based on is the fact that all we have is a past. Nothing else.
  5. There are too many people who try to take andvantage of you, and then laugh at you when you're not there. I've had on several occasions encountered these people, and sadly I have to say that I was blindly friends with them for a long time. Just know this, after all they have done to you karma is sure to get them back.
  6. I figure, if OP's friend doesn't give a shit about him, OP's better off ditching a non-friend than trying to salvage a friendship that has probably completely deteriorated over time.

    I disagree, however, that just because people change you can't or won't stay friends with them. It is important to salvage a 7 year relationship if you can, but it sounds like this friendship is already gone; it just hasn't been acknowledged yet.
  7. Ehr , you can't let people take advantage of you man. Sounds like it has happened over an extremely long period of time and you've only snapped now ? If one of my 'friends' was doing the shit you described to me I'd backhand that kid .. I'm talking from experience though. I've been manipulated quite a few times. And if you don't assert yourself over that person as soon as that behaviour springs up it'll most likely spiral out of control as it has in your case. I don't take that shit anymore though and neither should you man.

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