Blatant abuse of police power

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  1. Wow, what's this, pigs abusing their power and ruining the lives of those they are supposed to protect?
    Literally no one anywhere is surprised.
    And we all know they won't lose their jobs. They will be put on paid leave and then their department will decide that what they did was perfectly ethical and legal and they will be reinstated, and then them and all of their pigs buddies will probably brainstorm new and hilarious ways to further abuse innocent civilians.
    They'll probably get a raise, as a matter of fact.
  2. Typical police
  3. I smell bacon..
  4. What state is this in? Not that it makes any difference, just wondering. 
    I'm not surprised, but it does sicken me. Had the guy resisted, all that treatment would've came with an ass whoop'n.
    The frosting on this cake is when they said they would take him to collections if he doesn't pay for the procedures performed.
    I'd be looking to sue everybody. Police brutality, unlawful arrest, malpractice, pain and suffering, etc. Bet a good lawyer could think of something wrong with this guys asshole that would bring him a free lunch for the rest of his life.   
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    ROFL - but really

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