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  1. I took a little baby gave it 1200 watt of mixed flor and HPS for 24 hr till it grew to 10" which took about 1 1/2 weeks.
    I pinched the tips twice

    Then put it by itself in a 6x6 area with the HPS 800watt
    and 400 flor on 12/12 for 6 weeks now. And it looks like a darn Xmas tree with all the bulbs and even a topper.

    I kept it well ventilated and filtered the air and at about 75 degrees.

    It's grown to about 5 foot and bushy as can be.

    Also I watered it with filtered water every other day with very good drainage and kept filling the topsoil as the soil compressed. I also kept the soil rather loose to let O2 and whatever else it needs.
    I know the lighting and all was a bit of overkill but I was on a rest from doing a full rotation.
  2. that would be a great bud to see! any pics?

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