Blanket hot box

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dylanzs, Aug 9, 2011.

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    So right now I'm hot boxing my blanket made a nice lil' cave around me with said blanket and have my iPhone for light and GC and just hitting my bowl
  2. did you just say u built a fort lmao
    i used to do those when i was 2
  3. Yeah man it was fucking boss
  4. Lol pics man!!! Sounds like fun, I remember when my friend had a tree house and we use to burn in it XD was so awesome lol.
  5. It was to dark in there for pics my only light source was my iPhone but my bowl sprinkled with scissor hash cherry'd and poured smoke into my cave along with me hitting it I think that constant hit of thc every breath now I'm fucked annihilated if that makes sense idk :/
  6. Fuuucccccck.
  7. Lol that means no sense :(
  8. Sounds like a good way to burn the house down
  9. I smoked a blunt once with a garbage bag pulled over my entire body
  10. That sounds like fun but at the same time I don't smoke inside anymore..
  11. just because of this thread i'm def making a fort tonight and baking it out. pics shall be posted!
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    Can't tell if serious,,
    elaborate ?
  13. Forts fucking rule.
  14. ahahah. that sounds hella crackin bruh.

    ohhh the old days..

    mite just do this one time again.. haah
  15. Hahahaha maaan i used to do that shii when id blaze in my room and try and hide the smell, lols make sure not to burn your blanket =)
  16. ahhhh the famous blanket and blazing the toke -e-yo tent lol
  17. too bad hot boxing promotes acne...
    I'm going to do this now :smoke:
  19. I once pulled a garbage can over me and smoked a j in it.... I couldnt breathe or open my eyes after 20 seconds cause the smoke was so thick
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    Haha hell yeah! Id put two heavy blankets so the smoke doesn't escape :smoke:

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