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blank yellow pill? supposedly ecstasy?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by noel24, May 22, 2009.

  1. ok so my freind and I bought these pills from a freind and he claims theyr ecstasy
    but we are not sure
    they are in capsules and are pure yellow
    there are no letters, numbers nothing
    I've tried drugs.com
    and various sites but to no avail.

    Anything you guys know that could help me find out?
  2. Sounds like the dealer made it himself, only thing you can do is take his word.
  3. if they are in capsules with a yellow powder in them then it could possibly be pure molly, although molly is generally more of an off-white/brown than yellow.

    If you meant just plain yellow pills, they are generally known as blanks or mints. Search around on Pill Reports - Ecstasy Test Results Database by Enlighten
  4. theyr yellow capsules and I dont know the powder's color
  5. lol i think you got screwed bro
  6. Pictures plz
  7. Without pics theres no way of us giving you any usefull info.

    Even with pics it would only get you a guess..unless they were some great pics.

    Unless your worried these pills are gonna hurt you then your best bet is to just take em. :smoking:

  8. I got a bridge to sale you if your interested. ;)
  9. what does this mean? some old lady at the cheech and chong concert whos was bragging about how oldschool she was said this.

    I crushed up part of a red ecstasy and put it in a capsule for my friend.
    He wanted a whole pill and off of half he said everything was going black so I gave him 3/4 pill in capsule.
  10. hmm yellow blank seems sketchy...
  11. It means you are gullible.
  12. OH that makes sense now cause we were waiting for cheech and chong to come out of the back and someone said they were on the side so we ran out to the side.

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