blancing my brain

Discussion in 'General' started by Buzzwell420, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. dude so like after my early college years( and theres a whole back story )

    but i got like adhd
    a little skitzo

    at times im on point.

    and I get glipses of how it can be like with just being healthy.
    but stress and life
    and fuck i just get in ruts man.

    i tried a lot of brain aminos like l trphtophan and 5htp but some times it seems like to much seritonin

    and if i take 5htp on certain days i get extra edgy and sensitive
    and just off, and some days i just get laggy and idk man the deprresiion gets bad sometimes.

    I know other people got it way worse, but maybe if i can find a blance i can help others out by just being more chill and loving over all.

    idk how all this brain stuff works, and i know vitimans can have a positive effect, just looking for experience on the issue.
  2. Live healthier...Not to say I'm assumin' you don't already, but vitamins is a good route, diet even better. Exercise, not just your body either, constantly engage your mind.

    Long road, good luck.:cool:
  3. I exercise a fuck
  4. Fish oil

    And stop taking the 5-HTP. It's not the wonder drug that people like to claim it is, and it can be quite dangerous if you don't actually have a serotonin imbalance (and by your side effects from it, it would seem like you don't)

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