Blaine Nash - One Night Stand (produced by Harry Im)

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    You saw it as a one night stand off/
    Aged to your liking you brushed the bottle off/
    Popped the cork, smell so fraguent/
    Drawn to your lips you engaged in convorsation/
    Made you feel some empowered so sacred/
    Exilerating flare leads to devilish engagements/
    Temptation shrowding constructing your arrangements/
    Salvation is through segregation/
    Shed family ties ever feed from the vine/
    Reality indistinct judgement capsysed/
    Poisons inside disconnection is deprived/
    Pain strucken head rushes force you to oblige/
    Reluctant to realize remorse has been pushed aside/
    Indulge heavily in hopes to see another side/
    Positive out let to stable what you've dealt with/
    Every loss slips your thoughts in increasing payments/
    To downshifting medication the spiral's indeffenant/
    Plunge to disaster in last moments hesitant/
    To resign residence from something instantanious/
    Love deals its deadly dose as you at last lose consiousness/

    You're drunk off of love, love is drunk off you/
    That person you savor's that bottle you cling to/
    Long lost love, intaking what hurts you/
    Chemicals invest their toll left to nurture you/

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