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    Okay I've quit smoking now for like four fucking months and though my parents don't believe it, I fucking smoked for medicinal purposes. Depression and shit. Seriously, a doctor diagnosed my shit and everything. Anyway tomorrows my fucking birthday and I totally wanna smoke but the deal is my dear sweet madre says if I come up positive on a piss test she's moving leaving me and my pa and moving to my grandmas house and that would fucking suck because she's really cool but she thinks pot is the devil is the only problem. SHIT SHIT FUCK SHITR!!!!


    Anyone know any way to flush the shit out your system in the fastest time possible?

    BTW I'm not fucking under 18 I just live with my parents and pay them cheep-ass rent which is why I stay with em and I've respected them enough to be cool and not smoke while I'm living here but it's a special occasion and I wanna smoke SOOO FUCKING BAD!!!!
  2. do it anyways and say it was your birthday and its the only time itll ever happen again...thats what id do at least, i dont know how quick your parents are to forgive you.:hello:
  3. Harsh, I feel you. You ever try "The Union" trick? If you do the go ahead and smoke, THC stores itself in your fat. Drink a ton of water/and do Cardio based workouts.... thats the only thing I have....
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    I wouldn't even risk that man. Just don't smoke. You went 4 months without it sure you can go one day. Drink some liquor, go to a club, and bone some girl. That's always fun.


    also by passing that test, it will prove that your responsible and maybe they'll think that it isn't so bad since your not addicted.
  5. Haha, Im just saying, he seems to have his mind pretty set lol
  6. dude that's good thinking, man. like, seriously you've got a head on your shoulders, man.

    shit. i dont.

    im smokin.

    thanks for the advice, though, man, you're awesome.
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    you gotta plan this shit ahead of time and get so high you piss your pants
  8. pee before you smoke and keep it in a cup, then like twenty minutes before your tested throw that shit in the microwave, when its done drink it
  9. thats ridiculous

    if i pee now and keep the pee, will it go stale and make me fail?

    shit. there should be a name for rhymes that are unintentional.
  10. Im not quite sure that home-tests test the "Staleness" of pee... but idk.

    But just have a friend piss for you.... Bag that shit, then tape it too your thigh.

    Unless of course, all your friends blaze :p
  11. man you're just deceiving yourself. sounds like you made up your mind before you posted this and just wanted people to justify your actions for you. you acknowledge that it is the wrong thing to do and yet you do it anyway. in my opinion you're being selfish. you should consider your home life and family stability a higher priority than your desire to get stoned on your birthday... i mean, come on. your mom might be ignorant, but that doesn't mean she's not doing what she thinks is best. do you think it's really fair to put that kinda burden on your mom (to move out of the house) just so you can get blazed and pass out watching family guy episodes on youtube while eating doritos? sounds like a bitch move to me.
    basically what it amount to is you saying "getting high for one day is more important to me than having my mom around."
    you might be over 18, but you still need to grow up!

    and sorry, i realize that this post comes off as a little hostile but i'm not really attacking you as a person, i'm just encouraging you to really think about your actions from a different perspective in the future. once you start doing this your life starts coming together a lot easier.
  12. dude holy shit. True, man, true. That is a selfish move, you're completely right.

  13. Your mom is projecting her failing marriage on your medical disabilities. This is VERY unhealthy and probably contributes to your depression.

    Thats my long description. My short one would be to tell your mom to go fuck herself and tell her she's going to die alone.
  14. Get a friend's pee. it's that easy.
  15. go snort some coke it only lasts a few days, im not usually one to recomend hard drugs, but you have clearly made up your mind on using drugs.
  16. Why is your mom making it your fault that she's gonna leave? That's fucked up...
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    Invest in an Whizzinator... The Whizzinator factory was just shut down in 2008 so grab one before they are gone. Don't worry, they come in white, latino, and black colors

  18. Dude, QQ... Their house, their rules. :smoke: Get your own place and you can light up all you want :cool:
  19. jesus, whats fucking wrong with you?
  20. just smoke ur mom's not gona leave you and your dad cuz u failed a piss test. parents make empty threts like this all the time

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