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Discussion in 'General' started by Drook, Nov 1, 2022.

  1. No jabs here but a heavy weed user of 1 ounce every 7-10 days. No Covid for me.

    Umm, Anyone else experience this?

    My Buddy has it again now. Probably had Covid 5 times no less. He's all up to Date on Jabs.

    We play golf regularly.

    Gets me thinking while Stoned haha.
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  2. I smoke/ingest weed every day and I've got all my jabs too. I caught COVID once so far though.

    The individual molecular makeup of a single human being is so incredibly different/complex from the next that I always find it funny when a reference is made to a single external substance being a solution. In this case weed being considered a reasonable or sound explanation for not catching COVID.

    Your DNA, heritage or lifestyle choices likely play a larger role than weed does in this case and those topics run deeper than just you as an individual and more of how and who you were made from.

    Gross amounts of people are dying from COVID, not everyone though. We all have different biological systemic issues not necessarily because of who we are and what we do but who created us and our family history. That's a fact.
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  3. Heavier than average weed user, take immune suppressors so am considered high risk. Unjabbed. Got Covid once. 1-2 months ago. Extreme exhaustion/bone ache for 1 day. Then better every day for 3-4 days. I only got tested because my mom is 81 and I didn't want to expose her. Tested positive so I stayed away for an additional 10 days, even though I was basically fully recovered within a week of onset.
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  4. I got it oct 1, no jab, I have leukemia,
    1 week flu symptoms, then fine.
    I eat up to 300 mg decarb every day.
    I think it helps.
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  5. I finally got covid a week ago, from Las Vegas.
    Bout as dangerous as a normal flu IMO.

    The hospital forced me to get 1 shot prior to heart surgery but didn't make me get the 2nd one (they forgot actually). So I never got the 2nd, I'll only get it if they force me.
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  6. Try making some non decarbed capsules. The acidic forms of the main cannabinoids are proving to be beneficial as well. More CBG/ CBD available. :thumbsup:
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  7. Check it out
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  8. Thnx,I made some for my wife , she can't handle the THC .
    I got a few Oz's of CBD flwr, I've never even seen CBD flwr, any guides on what to do with it?
  9. Yup, we sell those at the dispensary. PF is an awesome strain, the pheno I have hit 2-3% terp most runs , with Ocimene levels getting as high as 1.9% alone.
    I use our CBD dom strains to make decarbed caps for the most part. But I’m really liking the acidic versions as well. My next run I’m making hash caps out of em!:thumbsup:
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  10. Ocimene, the covid killer ;).
    I bet your busy, looks like everyone is catching on to the weed.:biggrin:
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  11. I got Covid I think twice

    the first time I got it while I was in the middle of building this 150ft long fence. I did it though. It was a bitch for some reason and took forever. I had to cut the top. This was about a month before they started talking about it. So I didn’t know it was Covid. I thought it was just a cold

    i did a job for an Asian customer a week before that. When I talked to him, he told me he just got back from Shanghai. I was like great. With all those people he must have been around with, he is surely carrying something lol. Sure enough I had a cold the next week

    the second time I stayed in bed for a week and didn’t eat or feel like smoking. When I smoke I either threw up or just didn’t feel anything. All I did was drink fluids and pop vitamins.

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  12. So I am on to something?
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  13. No, perhaps delusional from all the pot you smoke tho.
  14. We all knew this shit post would provoke one side or the other...

    Let's let it rest...Yeah?
  15. I'm not provoked at all, I just feel obligated to stop the spread of misinformation, as a decent human being lol. Whether people get vaccinated or not is up to them, it doesn't prevent spreading it, vaccination only helps to minimize the symptoms when you do get it. Smoking pot has no effect on whether or not you catch it.

    That's all :)
  16. It also wasn't your post to defend now was it?
  17. I have no idea what you're talking about. If you aren't contributing to any discussion, I'm really not interested.
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