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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ghanjgirl, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. high y'all,
    lets see,the get to know me B.S. huh? well i've been smokin for like 5 or 6 years..i don't remember for sure.yes i know theres an extra letter in my handle,you try to get the proper spelling on a site dedicated to the best crop on earth.i'm a youngin but i'm still pretty wise about most things.i'm just chillin.i'm, sure this doesn't make much sense but...well you know why...*Grin*
  2. you're a 311 fan, or perhaps?
    welcome to the city ~ :D i can tell already you're gonna fit in here ("i'm, sure this doesn't make much sense but...well you know why...*Grin*")
    hope to see ya 'round!
  3. Glad to see another female on the boards......have fun....nice people to trade text with here.....

  4. I'm with Ndica on this one, always nice to see more girls!

    Marijuana needs women!:)

  5. i disagree, more men more men!
  6. Guy here, and im saying anyone is welcome as long as your smilin. =) Welcome to the city. =)
  7. y'all are so sweet.thanx for the golden introduction.i like it here already.hope to chill with y'all on a regular basis.
    love,peace and lotsa weed.
  8. High GG welcome to the CITY!! Hope ya enjoy it here! :wave: :smoking:

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