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Blah blah blah blah :)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 10yearnewb, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Whoa, I thought my dog had died. I was laying there, in the dark at my parents, stoned, for about 30 minutes petting the dog. Reminesing on how long she has been in the family. I started to think about my little sister, who is a little slow, and her emotional atachment to our dog Angel. I decided the little old dog needed a good petting, knowing in the back of my mind that not only had she not been "cared for" (sorry, lack of better word) like this in a while, but she is quite old, and i dont think she is going to be around much longer, so it may be her last. Anyways, i somehow decided that I should feel her heartbeat. I started spacing out, one of those moments where your just like "wheeeeeeeewwwwwwwww," kinda like a Garth from Wayne's World... :) ALL OF A SUDDEN, Angel fucking rolls flat on to her back, and whimpers/sighs and lifts her paws up and starts gripping onto my hand as i was rubbing her chest... or fucking was she? Somehow in my little trance, I quickly (again, somehow) started to think she maybe was dieing. I checked her heart beat again. Fuck! I can't tell. I feel like everything is in slow motion and instead of being in the usual chill mode, i cant stay still. My nervious system is so advanced right now I not only could feel the blood flow in my viens in my hand, but the THC gods were throwing a fucking PARTY! with my muscular system, and my hand was reflexing in literally every fucking spot. Everyone! I couldnt tell whether or not the bump I felt was Angel's chest thumping or fucking top and side of my hand start rumbling. And I tryed so damn hard to make it stop, but no avail! ... ... ... what... ... a ... shitty time... to.... "wheeeeeeewwwwwwww." ... Angel isnt moving... oh oh.. why did I try to get her high, she's just damn old... For some reason, I check her heart again. I know, it was dumb; I had already forgot i already did that, completly. Like it got caught in that Memomy sector that always has errors. My brain's memory department skips when recording sometimes. ..... I started to shake her, and she wasnt moving. I patted her and tryed to make her stir but she wouldnt. I yelled "Angel want a treat" and "wanna go outside," but she wouldnt fucking move, at ALL... so I get up and flick the light on, and she hops right the fuck up... I thought i was going to hell.

    Mom: Mr.Vet, we were wondering why our dog died!
    Vet: Well after exclusive tests, we are going to need to get your legal opinion as to our finding, as your dog may have been murdered. Do you want us to prosecute who ever did this to your dog?
    Mom: Fo Shizzle.
    Vet: Alrighty, the dog died from an overdosage of THC, or Marijana. That is animal brutality, and can be a 30 year prison sentence, if convicted of murdering a household pet.

    There me, in prison... some dudes dick up my ass, all because I wanted to help my dog relax...
  2. wtf are you talkin about man go smoke another bowl
  3. LOL, I understood exactly what he said.
  4. good story +rep...
  5. humm sounds like a classic case of smokes weed...owner gets to high...

  6. I felt like Shakesphere when i was writing that, lol. Writing how you feel and what you think is amazing, expecially when you can read what you wrote and actually REMEMBER what the fuck you were talking about... :)
  7. My dogs name is angel too, and I think she dies also.
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