Bladies, what body type do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Bamboobam, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. That's so true. They like something to squeeze.

    A lot of girls confuse "Thick" for "obese." 
  3. i read that as "doobie downer" lol
  4. out of those options? Skinny and short
    But im adding my own; Curvy hour-glass, curvy. not fat, there's a fine line ;)
  5. As long as he has a beard and a sense of humor, he's got my vote.
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    2, 4, 5. but I base my guy choices 80% on personality. 
  7. tfw I can't grow facial hair to save my life.
  8. @[member="Mac D Rockefeller"]Well, It's not your fault bud. I'm sure you've got a shining personality to make up for it! :)
  9. I like big tits and a big ass. Dont want fat rolls or anythang like that but they gotta be plump where that shit counts
  10. It is an evolutionary fact that women place much less importance on the physical attractivness of their mate. It is more about finding a mate that can support her and her offspring financially. Its not about how tall or short a man is physically, its about how tall or short his stacks of money are.

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  12. type 2 and i like body hair to a point ....and facial hair is sexy as long as its well kept , 
  13. 1 and 2. I like lanky guys, but skinny and short works for me too.

    Bonus points for not being really hairy.

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  14. You know that's not how evolution works right?

    On an evolutionary timescale, the concept of money has existed for such a miniscule amount of time as to be insignificant.

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  15. i can work with 2-5 but brains over brawn comes first 

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